Soul Sister Circle


Extraordinary Women (You!)

Join a tribe of like-minded women on a  personal growth adventure

Feb 2018

It's often underrated.

Few know the potency of it.

But when you experience it, it changes everything.

It's the reflection and support you get when you're in the company of like-minded women on an intentional and sacred journey.

I see it all the time. Women do a lot. Women are super busy. Women take care of a lot of shit.

But there's a deep longing that isn't met. Women feel isolated. Even busy women.

Unfulfilled by the busyness and all the doing, doing, doing, we lose our compass. The list becomes the priority. We lose contact with our soul.

To make matters worse, we are super hard on ourselves. If we don't get it perfectly, we try harder. Or we don't play. 

That insidious conditioning keeps us from what we are here to do. Who we are here to be. 

The best way I have found to shake it is to get together. Intentionally. In community. With other evolving women.


Magic happens. When we gather, when we share, when we are heard, when we hear, we get clear. Something inside us shifts. We commit to ourselves. We stop hiding. We stop pretending. We become kinder, first to ourselves, then to others.

Then we begin to tap into the well spring of energy, wholeness, beauty, and creativity that we are. Our manifestations are more in alignment with our desires because we are walking straight, confident, open, and clear. 

It's subversive, to be sure. 

"My husband noticed a profoundly healthy shift in me when I joined the Soul Sister Circle. AND, he noticed when I fell back into my old patterns when our circle took a month off. Needless to say, he's totally supportive of me being a part of the Soul Sister Circle again! It's my soul nectar." 

                                                         -- Carolee, Boulder, CO

Listen to Angela's story of what happened to her during her on our Soul Sister Circle. Her transformation was totally unexpected and came in through the back door.

Theme: Feminine Leadership for Our Time

Explore with us:

  • Knowing and honoring ourselves and our unique gifts and offerings

  • Exploring the 8 pillars of leadership, such as owning our voice, owning our power, owning our evolution, etc.

  • Learning how to integrate feminine wisdom into masculine structure to succeed AND be in the flow of life

  • Trusting truth as the access point to power

  • Accessing vulnerability as a freaking super power

  • Leading ourselves first: prioritizing what is important to us and taking consistent action

  • Getting off the treadmill of busyness that undermines our purpose

  • Honoring stillness and silence as an access to wisdom and the sacred

  • Understanding and practicing boundaries as a form of self love

  • Being the change in the world that doesn't make me have to quit my job and become an activist

If this resonates with you, reach out for a private consultation with Kenlyn. This women's group is invitation-only.


The term is 6 months.


The investment is $1800 in six monthly installments of $299 or pay in full and receive one month free.