When overwhelm is NOT a shadow {prep for 5-Day Biz Alchemy Challenge}

Yesterday on my FB live in my Divine Feminine Sisterhood RISING group, a sister commented that she’s experiencing overwhelm because her identity is shifting. OY! YES! I can so relate. Have you ever gone through this before? In today’s Shadow & Alchemy teaching to prepare us for the 5-Day Business Alchemy Challenge starting on Monday, September 20, let’s talk about overwhelm and identity shifts. It’s an excellent topic to presence before we embark on shadow work next week. Major life events like becoming a mother, getting married or divorced, death of a loved one, or turning 50 can create an identity shift. I’ve shared before that this happened to me after the last Divine Feminine Summit: I hit a wall and had to pause to do shadow work and catch up to the new me that was being created. Since covid, humanity as a collective is going through a major identity shift. The chaos isn’t pretty (to say the least), but it’s necessary if we're going to evolve. No matter what the circumstances, the old is dying and the new has yet to be born. This means that you’re in the BIRTH CANAL. It’s disorienting, murky, and as our Divine Feminine Sister said, overwhelming. This kind of overwhelm is a sign of massive transformation and isn’t caused by a self-sabotaging shadow. Instead, this is actually pure chaos, the liminal space in between forms. You will land, but that chaos needs to jumble everything up first.

“Human beings are in fact a rolling wave of consciousness with no fixed identity. We are programmed to continually hit the shores of our limitations and dissolve into something else.” -- Gene Key 47, Richard Rudd One of my clients in this year’s Divine Feminine Business Mastery went through an epic identity change in the 9 months of the program. I remember the day she said “yes” to the program and paid in full. She was terrified but knew it was the right decision. Looking back, we laughed that her soul knew what was in store for her but her conscious mind was the last to know. She may have never gone through the program if she knew that her identity was going to die and get reborn. But here’s the thing, she had never made her own money before, and she was ready to become financially independent and serve others, 💥(P.S. She's now making money!) Everything you want is on the other side of your identity shift. 🔥 The 5-Day Business Alchemy Challenge may not go THAT deep since it's only 5 days, but it'll launch you into a new world of possibility as you love yourself more deeply. ❤️ You'll see the results in your life and in your business.

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