Top 10 for 2019 Part 1

What I learned in 2019 - Part 1

Dear Soul Friends,

I just celebrated my 53rd birthday. Now would be a good time to be dyslexic (35?!). :-) I certainly FEEL 35!

I lay in bed yesterday morning and pondered how much time I might have left on this planet as me--in this body, with this personal history, and with these particular experiences, talents, and gifts.

Have you ever done that?

What I felt was a massive call to action to make the rest of my life count.

I am present to the Great Change that is happening on our planet. Everything points to it -- politics, greed, climate change, suicides, the rise of consciousness and personal expression, expansion of gender options, and the feminine rising, to name a few. The Gene Keys says by 2027 we are poised to make a collective shift from our SHADOW frequency to our GIFT frequency.

What that means is that all of us who have done so much work on our shadows (acknowledging, accepting, and embracing them) are the catalyst for a transmutation of that dense energy into a higher frequency. In other words, a breakthrough! Hold on to this vision in 2020 if you ever feel like you're losing hope.

In the spirit of this reflection, I'm passing on to you my Top 10 for 2019. Below is Part 1 (the first 5).

Let's DIVE IN...

1) What Game Are You Playing? One quote from my leadership coach stands out: "Whatever game you're playing, you're going to win." If you're playing a victim game, you're going to win. If you're playing an avoidance game, you're going to win. If you're playing a growth game, you're going to win. Look at the results in your life to show you what kind of game you're playing. It may surprise you. Then course correct accordingly since whatever game you're playing, you're going to win.

2) Mushrooms and Mycelium. Holy Wow! There is a nervous system of divine consciousness that joins all of life that was here from the beginning and is here now, right under your feet. It's called mycelium. Mycelium is where mushrooms come from. It does everything from transmuting inorganic matter into organic matter (talk about spiritual ninjas) to opening the pineal gland for an experience of divine consciousness to boosting your immune system.

Watch the movie Fantastic Fungi for the full download. I experienced a profound joy of being alive watching this extraordinary film. I suspect you will too.

3) GET TO versus HAVE TO. One of the game changers in my language this year has been to stop saying "have to" and start saying "get to." In many cases, it's an immediate shift out of victim consciousness and into choice. I have found it quite empowering to own what I'm doing instead of pretending someone is making me do it. I get to connect with you by writing this letter. :-) Feels good to say that.

4) Biggest Little Farm. I went to 3 films this year and Biggest Little Farm was one of them. I cried within the first 5 minutes of watching it. Not only is the film-making itself absolutely stunning (the farmer is also a filmmaker!), but the message of the way Nature works is exactly what we need for our time.

5) Embracing Feedback. As you may know, I went through a 4 -month leadership intensive that I call a bootcamp. When I signed up, I had just experienced a lot of loss, felt isolated, and needed a new vision. I had an inner curiosity about my self-imposed glass ceiling and wanted to know what that was all about.

Through this intensive process, I got my answer.

I'll give you the cliff notes. What it came down to is the most fundamental principle of transformation: BE, DO, HAVE (in that order). Who you are being creates what you do, and therefore what you have. I had taught and coached using this formula but this process opened me up to a whole new level through experience and FEEDBACK.

For those like me who tend to focus on DO, DO, DO (aka getting shit done) this process was major wake up call. I saw how I was making things much harder than they were. Life flows from being. Shifting my way of being to manifest results is actually EASIER than doing a lot. It's been fun to experiment with this now that I see more clearly. If you want to know more about this secret to life, email me at

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