The world gone mad

The world’s psychosis is oozing to the surface. It doesn’t belong to any one person but to all of us collectively. It’s a symptom of a deep-seated, hidden fear inside humanity -- our collective shadow. Each of us carries it. Just go deep inside yourself, and you’ll to find it. It’s under your addictions, your rage, your neurosis, your anxiety, your avoidance. Take a look at what your week was like. How did you dance with shadow and light? Here’s my week: - I LOST MY SHIT when the gardener spilled gasoline in the room next to my house and the smell permeated my space…for days. I had a good cry afterward letting myself release all the stress that had been pent up that I didn’t even notice was there. - I CALLED 911 on behalf of a dog trapped inside a hot car with no ventilation. Yep, that was stressful, especially when the owner, a grumpy old man, returned to his car and wasn't happy with my intrusion. - I FELT ECSTASY when I quieted my mind one evening and followed the wave of energy in my body. - I TEARED UP multiple times walking the isle of the grocery store feeling a fleeting wave of grief over a past relationship or the ache of love for my mother, my sister, my best friend, my dog who died. The bird outside.

THIS IS LIFE. There’s no getting around it. There’s only getting good at it.

Allow me to suggest 5 quick things for getting good at dancing with Life -- both shadow and light -- during “The Great Off-Gassing” (I guess the gas spill was a metaphor!). (Spoiler alert: The Great Off-Gassing precedes the Great Awakening. Shadow must come to the surface in order for us to transmute it into higher frequency energy.) Here are the cliff notes: 👑 #1 - PRACTICE THE ART OF ALCHEMY - Look at your own shadow (versus someone else's, even if it's the world's shadow). Alchemy starts inside you. Here are some goodies: arrogance, vanity, competition, worry, contempt, right/wrong thinking, blame. Oh, those shadows go on and on. Witness them. They are a natural part of your wholeness (remember we’re both dark AND light), and they don’t get to run the show. In fact, they won’t run the show if you have the courage to see them and meet the underlying fear. Love that part of you experiencing the fear. Move to #2. 👑 #2 - STAY IN YOUR BODY - Mostly we want to get out of our bodies when we start to feel uncomfortable sensations. But that is the opposite of what to do. Go deeper into the sensation with curiosity. Let the sensations take you on a wave until they morph into something else. Shakti (energy) is always moving. Get good at riding the wave. You’ll become resilient and those sensations won't get stuck and create negative emotions or thought forms. [NOTE: For those who attend my Kundalini RISING Yoga livestreams, you might remember that this is part of the Solar Plexus Mutation that humanity is going through to learn how to feel all the feels. We’re moving out of the age of information and into the age of the sensory body.] 👑 #3 - PRACTICE COMPASSION - So the man who locked the dog in the car: I saw his pain. His action was harmful, and a call to 911 took care of that. But because I could see his pain, I had compassion for him. You might be a super aware empath and this is a regular occurrence for you. I have compassion for you, too. It’s not easy feeling the world. Move to #4. 👑 #4 - PRACTICE NEUTRALITY AND RESTRAINT - This is a big one right now. Do you know how many times a day I practice choosing my words carefully and asking whether I need to comment on this? Well, a lot (esp if I’m on social media). Here’s my stand: - I will not be a part of the free-for-all off-gassing. It’s not what I’m about and it hijacks my nervous system. - I WILL be an interruption to the collective shadow in others when I witness harm. - I WILL pick my battles.

- I’m playing the LONG GAME. - I WILL focus on what I’m here to do rather than being in reaction to everyone else. - I WILL NOT take everything personally. Preferably anything. I'm working on that one. I’m directing my WILL here. We're all capable of that. 👑 #5- BE IN COMMUNITY - Ok, this is the nurturing part. Along with self-care and self-love, get yourself in a like-minded community where you can express yourself without getting blasted; where you're seen and loved for who you really are; where you're supported to grow and shine in your innate genius. It’s ESSENTIAL right now. I'll keep inviting you into the groups I offer, as this is what I'm about. Stay tuned. I hope this supports you. I know it’s intense. 😳 Stay the course. You are held in the Light, and you're not alone.

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