Standing at the Center Point: Have You Asked Yourself THIS question?

In Celebration of the Equinox.

Today we stand at the center. Between the manifest and unmanifest. Between the known and unknown. Between shadow and light. Between the horror of it all and the beauty of it all.

We stand at the center of polarity itself.: The neutral mind at its best.

Today we are at the Equinox, the balance point between equal night and equal day, equal dark and equal light. Justice. Libra Season. The Scales. Blink and it's gone.

Consider for a moment:

Standing at the center, how much polarity can you hold without making up a story about it? The world is both this AND that. True?How much capacity have you cultivated to be with what is AND to be a conscious creator of your own life? 


As you may remember, about a month ago I started an intense leadership bootcamp, and since starting my capacities have definitely expanded. I've hugged about 40 strangers so far! They love it, and so do I. Hugging has become my prescription for saving the world. It's also become something else: My internal barometer for how willing I am to be outside of my comfort zone.

Sometimes, I'm not very willing.

When that happens, I ask myself, "What is a life worth living?"

It's the anti-autopilot question. I'm obsessed with this question lately. 

The truth is that up until now, I haven't thought about the answer to that question. I've been too busy focused on what I don't want. 

Can you relate?

Notice the words you use when talking to a friend or texting someone. Now that I'm attuned, I hear what people DON'T WANT all the time.

Here's what I learned about focusing on what I don't want: It will either bring me more of the same (so that I can declare that I don't want it!) OR it will leave me with an empty space that will be filled mostly by my unconscious mind, which is probably more of what I don't want.

Full circle. Otherwise known as a LOOP. Looping, get it? Ugh.

So, you can see, the question "What's a life worth living?" becomes very important. It actually takes freaking GRIT to name what you DO want. (Otherwise, everyone would do it. Right?!)



On this beautiful Equinox day, muster the courage, carve out the time, create some white space and  journal your answer to this question.

But before you do, take a few belly breaths, That way you'll start to embodying your answer before you write about it. Write from your higher self.

If you notice that you're writing about HAVING a lot of stuff, go hug a few people you don't know. :-) See what really makes you happy. Hint: it's going to involve BEING your purpose and GIVING your unique contribution.


If you get stuck on what your purpose is OR how to make it happen in your life OR how to make money doing it, email me at

This is totally my jam. I'm happy to set you up with a FREE Activation Session.

I've given these sessions to over 50 people, and everyone finds them super powerful. Some people are a right fit and become my clients. Others get valuable feedback on their unique next steps that gets channeled into the space by our higher selves. I'm always delighted by the magic that happens. Just hit reply.

More insights from bootcamp to come. What a ride! I'm standing for YOUR life worth living.

Big love, Kenlyn

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"                                                                      -- Mary Oliver in The Summer Day 

Photo Credit: Edica Pacha Photography

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