Week 2 of Leadership Bootcamp

Thank you for the massive support you showed me last week as I began my leadership bootcamp. Within 30 seconds of sending my email, I got an encouraging text message, then another and another. Email replies followed. I felt so supported and buoyed by your love. You made a difference to me. I also loved hearing about your reframe from HAVE TO to GET TO. Some of you really got it.

This is what we get to do for each other in community. There's no way I can face the challenges I have to face without support. I suspect the same is true for you.

Ask yourself now, what kind of support am I willing to receive? Am I willing to ask for it?

Today I step into Part 2 of the leadership bootcamp. The coaches have sufficiently freaked us out by informing us that last week was child's play compared to this week. So, ya, I'm terrified.

But then I asked myself, "Who is terrified?"

What I discovered is that my ego self is afraid to let go of the defense mechanisms that I have created to keep me safe.

That is totally understandable. It's just doing its job. So, I talked to that part of myself this morning and thanked it for all the ways it has kept me safe. AND I expressed a new commitment.

I want to be free.

Under the fear is a deeper desire to be my true self in this life time. And, what I'm getting is that I have to fight for it. I have to go to my edge of what is comfortable and dissolve it.

We are in the frequency of Gene Key 29 for the next 5 days. This frequency is about transmuting the shadow of half-heartedness into the gift of commitment. Ultimately, that gift of commitment becomes DEVOTION.

Commitment + LOVE from the HEART = Devotion


So much of the genius of this 29th Gene Key is about letting go of expectations. We are all on a mystery ride. We may think a decision will lead in one direction, but it ends up leading in another quite different one. All humans have this 29th Gene Key inside us that’s attuned to our level of commitment, and that fluctuates. The more we’re anchored in the higher frequency of our heart, the less we need to think our way in or out of situations in our life. There are no incorrect decisions in life. The 29th Gift inside each of us knows this above all, and it gives us a vast sense of inner freedom. The funny thing is that as we begin to taste this freedom, we realise how little external conditions have to do with true fulfilment. When we realise that, we no longer postpone our lives either by hopping from one thing to another or by staying somewhere that no longer serves us. We simply smile, and give ourselves continuously to every living moment. That is true commitment.“

-- Richard Rudd, Gene Keys


Last week I ask you what your "WHY" was. What keeps you pressing on? What keeps you dedicated to the path?

If you can feel this commitment inside of you, then you have an access point for your devotion. Devotion is one of the most powerful forces on earth. It can move mountains. It can make your edge your new normal. It can deliver you to freedom.

That's where I'm going today.

I carry you in my heart this week. For when one heals, we all heal.

Photo Credit: Edica Pacha Photography

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