Part 2: Getting Over the Mother of All Fears, the Fear of Death

Ready to go deep?

This is long, AND the contents are super important for your life. This material has been SECRET for centuries. I got so absorbed writing this to you that I burned my quinoa.

Here's the thing: the fear of death is the Mother of All Fears. It controls everything you do whether you realize it or not. Let this information be a transmission to open your awareness and rocket fuel your personal practice so that your life is infused with a sense of mission and purpose. 

At the end of this I have an invitation for you.

Let's start with the intensity of late: We have been in a WORMHOLE. 

Wormholes are the period of time between two ECLIPSES. It started on July 2 with the a new moon solar eclipse and will culminate this Tuesday with a full moon partial lunar eclipse. We have them every year and often they feel like a REBOOT, like when you power down your phone and restart it. Sure you go offline for a moment but rebooting has the benefit of defragging the software so that apps run better and faster.

In their more intense forms, like the wormhole we are experiencing now, it’s a full on transformation through the death of some aspect of yourself – a CLEARING – and the subsequent VOID that follows the clearing. This clearing makes way for something new. AKA death and rebirth.

This clearing is where we find ourself today.

Therefore, it's an auspicious time to continue my teaching on the death portal. If you missed the first email on the 7 Lessons from the Death Portal, click here.

The 10 Bodies: Subtle Forms of You

First, you must understand that there is more to you than just your physical body. Of course you know that, but have you thought about all your subtle bodies? Can you feel them?

Ancient teachings categorize these subtle aspects of you, called SUBTLE BODIES, into 6 to 10 distinct bodies. 

From Kundalini Yoga tradition, here are the 10 subtle bodies:

1 - Soul 2 - Negative Mind 3 - Positive Mind 4 - Neutral Mind 5 - Physical Body 6 - Arcline 7 - Aura 8 - Pranic Body 9 - Subtle Body 10 - Radiant Body

Other traditions describe the subtle bodies as Physical, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic, Atmic and Monadic. 

The point is that we are more than just our physical body, and death of the physical body isn't the end of the story of you. The various bodies separate at death. The physical body returns to the earth and some of the subtle bodies continue the journey. This is where it gets interesting.

Suicide and the Various Bodies

Before we move on, there's a VERY important point to make about suicide. I talk to a lot of people in my coaching and let me say quite bluntly that suicidal thoughts creep into many of our minds. It's not uncommon, especially if a person is going through a major death and rebirth. Many people have been touched in some way by suicide. You can consider yourself a relatively "normal" person and still have these thoughts. Mainly, this is because they are not yours. These thoughts come from the mass collective consciousness.

But this mass consciousness is WRONG, and if it's allowed to keep FEEDING ON ITSELF it will result in more exponential suffering. When people kill themselves thinking they are ending their mental and emotional suffering, they uninformed and operating under a big lie. Killing your physical body does not kill your subtle bodies. I say it this way: "mind travels," and all suffering is in the mental and emotional bodies. Therefore, let us educate ourselves and get the word out so that suicide is not an option for relief of pain and suffering.

This brings us to one of the most IMPORTANT TEACHINGS from the East -- the bardo.

The Tibetans Mapped the Journey To understand more about the journey of the subtle bodies after death, we turn to The Tibetan Book of the Dead, also called The Tibetan Book of Liberation From the Bardo or the Bardo Todol. There are many translations, and the study of this is deep and rich. I'm no expert, but I have gleaned a few nuggets to pass along to you.

How did these Tibetans do it? How did they figure out what happens when we die?

They MEDITATED; they did kundalini YOGA with powerful breathing, body locks, and movements; they had ORGASMS  that took them into dissolution then clear light consciousness (yep, no joke); and they were a part of a cultural ZEITGEIST focused on experiencing this expanded state of consciousness. His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that the latter is one of the gifts that the Tibetan culture brings to the modern world.

The BARDO simply means "in between." It's the space between death and rebirth.

It's like the void that you experience after you clear out what no longer serves you. It's the time when your MIND GOES NUTS, often preferring to go back to the old just because it appears safe and familiar.

Below is a paraphrase of The Tibetan Book of the Dead that I read to Swami Blue at the MOMENT OF DEATH.

Meditate on the application of these words for your life now.

Prayer for the Moment of Death

Swami Blue, the time has arrived for you to begin to understand the reality of the universe.  You are about to experience a state wherein all things will be clear and certain.  At this moment you will know yourself. Continue in that state.   Listen to what I am saying, Blue. You are now experiencing the state of being separate from all things and knowing the reality of life.  Recognize it for what it is. Your essence is a Void, with the qualities of creating and knowing, and is not made up of form, substance or color, but is the basic Truth of existence.  Your own mind is now voidness and is a voidness of limitless ability -- unobstructed, shining, and blissful in its very consciousness.  What you are experiencing is your own Consciousness, not formed into anything.  No longer identified with the body, its stories, or ideas, this is the state of liberation and enlightenment.  Knowing this is sufficient. Recognize this unformed state of consciousness to be your own mind of pure potential. Listen to what I am saying with full attention. There are six states of life, three of which you now experience after death.  The first of these three you experienced at the moment of death, and now you are going to experience the other two, which are the reality of the mind and rebirth. Pay undistracted attention to me as I read this to you. Death has now come and you are departing from this World, but you are not the only one, as death comes to all beings on Earth.  Whatever fear or terror that might come during the experiencing of the reality of the mind, keep these thoughts in your consciousness and go forward:  "Visions may appear to my consciousness, may I recognize them as creations of my own. May I know that these are natural apparitions of the mind."

The bottom line: All the work you do on your mind serves you NOW in life AND in the life after death. Mind travels.

Whatever you clear in this lifetime is cleared for the next. In fact, the ancients believed that your healing extends to 7 generations behind you and 7 generations ahead of you. No gains in consciousness are lost.Your work matters.

A Ritual for the Wormhole

If you've gotten this far, congratulations! You're one of my people! Hit "reply" and tell me you read the whole thing. I'll  email you a gift.

Chances are this wormhole has CHANGED things for you.

- Maybe you moved. - Maybe you left a relationship. - Maybe you quit your job. - Maybe you quit an addiction. - Maybe you transformed an old pattern.

Or maybe it's more tectonic than that and you're like me: You experienced the death of your worldview.

And now you are in the bardo. The unknown.

Whatever it is, it is good, but you may not know that now. These things get revealed over time. But let this teaching calm your nervous system and act as a salve to the parts of you that may be afraid. By Wednesday, you will be out of the wormhole and feeling more ground under your feet. Between now and then, manage your mind, meditate, and do a ritual memorializing your releasing and letting go, expressing gratitude for all that you have learned. 

With love and gratitude,


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