Overcoming spiritual loneliness {prep for 5-Day Biz Alchemy Challenge}

I’m offering these email teachings (as well as Facebook Lives in the Divine Feminine Sisterhood RISING group) through Sunday in preparation for our 5-Day Business Alchemy Challenge starting on Monday, September 20. If you’re one of the 160+ women from all over the world who have already signed up, YAY! 🎉I’m so excited to do shadow + alchemy work with you LIVE so that you get a breakthrough in growing or launching your business and putting yourself out there. Today, the teaching is about overcoming spiritual LONELINESS by doing shadow work in COMMUNITY. There’s a time and place for solo work, and as a (recovering) Lone Wolf 🐺, I do plenty of meditations, journeys, and practices by myself. There's something existential about meeting yourself alone. AND….. Too much time alone fosters spiritual loneliness. There’s a foundational axiom for all the transformational group work I facilitate -- and it's how to overcome spiritual loneliness:

"It takes two to know one."

Have you noticed that? It’s that moment when you’re listening to another sister's share and you realize, “Wow, she sounds just like me. I’m not alone.” Or when a sister is witnessing your share without giving you advice, just hearing you and reflecting what she heard and saw, something in your consciousness shifts, and you’re not the same. The weight on your shoulders lifts. The tension in your neck goes away. You feel lighter. You feel like you can do anything. You’re no longer afraid. It’s so simple. The hardest part can be just getting yourself in that room (the virtual zoom room, especially!). We often have so many resistances to being seen, and yet, deep down, we CRAVE it. Here’s the thing: You can’t see your own eye. Unless you look at a mirror. The other person is your mirror. In our loving gaze, we heal each other. ---->>>>Make sure you’re signed up and the dates and times are in your schedule. https://biz-alchemy-challenge.eventbrite.com. I'm looking forward to making magic with you. 🪄✨

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