My Top 3 Stress Relieving Products

1) RESCUE REMEDY. The bomb. I spray it in my mouth morning and night. And, when I’m going through something intense, emotional, or stressful, I triple the dose! I also use it on my pets (get the pet or kid kind without alcohol). I turned to it immediately years ago when Blue (the dog I wrote about last week) got bit by another dog. It t got both of us out of shock and trauma. Here's a link to read more about this hidden gem.

2) MAGNESIUM. Most of our nervous systems have been hijacked by our fight, flight, or freeze mechanism. There are so many ways to relax your nervous system like deep breathing, kundalini yoga, float tanks, and magnesium. Magnesium deficiencies are responsible for many kinds of symptoms so having a good mineral supplement is VITAL. The kind of magnesium I use is high end and very potent. It’s called ReMag and you can get it with an excellent mineral supplement called ReMyte. It's expensive stuff, so if you want to try it, here's a discount code for 15% off. 3) CBD. At the end of 2018 I shared that CBD was one of my great finds that changed my relationship to anxiety. I used to wake up with low-grade anxiety. I tapped, I reframed, I meditated, I journaled, I distracted myself with organizing and cleaning. But since using CBD consistently over time, I’ve seen a 99% decrease in my anxiety. My brain guy used to say that we have to attend to the physiology before we can attend to the psychology. What I've discovered is that it's both. Here’s the thing: When we leave the BODY out of all the work we are doing on ourselves, we don’t get complete results. When we leave the MIND out of all the work we do on our body, we don’t get complete results either. While I don't know your situation and your brain chemistry and we are each so different, I do know that more and more research is declaring CBD a total game changer. People ask me all the time which CBD I use. I use several. I just did a video this afternoon with my friend JoAnn on the newest one called Recept by Prime My Body. She distributes it and has her clients on it. I love her passion and depth of knowledge. Check out our 8-minute video that we made yesterday.

I have all 3 products in my cabinet right now, and I take them daily. I know that if I feel good, I will do good. Let me know how else I can support you feeling juicy-good.


Photo Credit: Melinda Quesenberry Photography

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