It's kinda like shamanic tango {Save the Date- Biz Alchemy challenge}

Let's grow your business and your message by practicing the art of alchemy (kind of like Shamanism meets Tango) with your fears and challenges. Join me for a free 5-Day Business Alchemy Challenge, September 20-24. If I had to name ONE consistent spiritual practice that I do for my business andmy life it's SHADOW WORK. Hands down. Whenever I would expand in my business and my offering, like I did after the last Divine Feminine Summit, I would hit a wall of new fears and challenges within myself. They're called shadows because I didn't know they were there until I opened enough space for them to surface. While it was often uncomfortable to do shadow work, it was how I transformed myself over the years from a fearful perfectionistic, lone wolf who'd rather hide to an embodied Divine Feminine leader who is up to something way greater than my own fears. My fears don't get to rule me because I know how to transmute with them into my GIFT.

That's ALCHEMY. Oh, and there's more. It's SEXY. 💃💃🏿 Did I mention that? Yep, shadow work is sexy. When we get below the fear (which is super NOT sexy) and discover the truth, we unleash the Shakti, that Divine Feminine ENERGY that is Aliveness itself. The fear just goes away. It has been transformed into energy that is usable for our work in the world, our business, our life, our message, our mission. All of it. It's hot. 🔥 It's sexy. It's real. It's the secret the world is waiting for. It doesn't live in your head. It doesn't second guess. It doesn't hesitate. It doesn't analyze. Want some of that?! too! It's what the world needs MORE of right now. So let's be the ones to BRING IT.

JOIN ME and your Divine Feminine SiStars 🌟 in doing some alchemical magic. In this 5-Day Business Alchemy Challenge we'll lovingly call 5 shadows forward and practice the art of alchemy to turn them into your super power gifts -- your Divine Feminine Business Archetypes. READY for that?! It's going to be SEXY. 🔥🔥

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