Is India on Your Bucket List?

I'm offering an exclusive invitation-only women's SACRED INDIA adventure November 2-17, 2019 that will focus on spirituality and service. The trip is mapped out on my website. Click this link for details, cost, and photos, and videos: After you check out my website and have read the details, reply to this email with your interest, and let's talk. I've been to India twice and both times CHANGED MY LIFE. There is something about the MIND STREAM of India that felt like all my selves from lifetimes past and lifetimes to come merged into one and were available to me there. It's a place where my mind stopped obsessively thinking and became still. MY FIRST PILGRIMAGE TO INDIA The first time I landed in Delhi and walked outside, I burst into tears -- not because anything bad happened or because I was over-tired or jet lagged but because I FELT LIKE I WAS HOME. It was as if I had been there in other life times or dimensional realities. I knew it in an instant: I stood in a nondescript and crowded parking lot of the Delhi airport waiting for our group's driver, and it hit me. I was home. That was 18 years ago. MY SECOND PILGRIMAGE After a deep dive in the death portal letting go of Pennylane over 7 years ago, I knew I had been called back to India to do a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Immersion in Rishikesh. I became initiated as a teacher and completed the final act of letting go of Pennylane by having a Hindu ash immersion ceremony and baptizing myself in the Ganges River. Wow, it was epic! My film Doglama captures that experience in Act 3.

WHAT IS IN STORE FOR THIS NEXT JOURNEY TO INDIA? My experiences in India have been magical. And yet I knew that if I ever designed my own trip it would include SEVA, also known as SACRED SERVICE. If you know me, you know I have spent years serving homeless trafficked youth and volunteering at animal sanctuaries.  I am proud to offer sacred service on this trip. Not only will we travel to the spiritual places of India -- the sacred headwaters of the Ganges at Rishikesh and the Golden Temple at Amritsar -- but we will serve rescued ELEPHANTS and sloth BEARS at their home at Wildlife SOS. I have followed Wildlife SOS for years and have met the founders. I admire their work and dedication. Find out more about them on my website.

WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS? This trip promises to be very special, and if you feel a calling to explore it, THE FIRST STEP is to check out the details on the website. The SECOND STEP, after looking at the details, is to reach out to me at Let's talk. I'm happy to share more about it and answer your questions and see if you are a fit for the group that is emerging. Even if this trip doesn't call to you right now, I hope you have been INSPIRED by what can happen if you get OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE and travel. Seeing the world from another perspective is one of the treasures on being on Planet Earth.

Deposits are due by September 15, so don't delay.

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