COMPARISON is the mother of all shadows {prep for 5-Day Biz Alchemy Challenge}

COMPARISON is the mother of all shadows for the divine feminine entrepreneur, and it's underneath the 5 shadows -- people pleasing, overwhelm/bright shiny object syndrome, lone wolf, perfectionism, and hiding -- that we'll work with starting Monday, in the 5-Day Business Alchemy Challenge. I've DEEPLY faced this shadow of comparison and so have my clients, who are also launching and growing their offerings as coaches, healers, shamans, teachers and guides. Don't despair, there's a lot of GOLD in this shadow. Read on. NOTE: If you're new to these emails, I’m offering them through Sunday in preparation for our 5-Day Business Alchemy Challenge starting on Monday, September 20. Over 200+ women from all over the world are already signed up. 🎉If you're one of them, I’m so excited to do shadow + alchemy work with you LIVE so that you get a breakthrough in growing or launching your business and putting yourself out there. Click here to find out what we're going to do each day. Let's talk about the shadow of COMPARISON and the GIFT of POSSIBILITY.

First, let's normalize comparison. It's impossible NOT to compare because it's wired into our biology. As communal and social beings, humans are programmed to assess other people and situations and measure that assessment against ourselves.

There’s nothing wrong with that on its face.

Here's where it gets messed up and becomes shadow: we use that comparison to make ourselves wrong, defective, unloveable or ugly. Ouch. That sucks. 😩

AT THE BEGINNING of my entrepreneurial journey, I compared myself so harshly to other feminine entrepreneurs and made myself wrong or defective such that the only course of action was to unsubscribe and shut out all the noise. 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉 Thankfully, I did one more thing: I got into action and invested in myself. I didn't let my critical voice derail me. Instead I doubled down and focused like a Mo-Fo on getting myself trained. I stayed in my lane and worked with my coaches to get some traction under my feet. I exercised massive self-care and did relentless self-love practices. And, as you can see, it worked. The shadow of comparison taught me what I wanted and how much I wanted it. It showed me THAT WHAT I WANTED WAS TOTALLY POSSIBLE. All my limitations existed only in my own mind--my self-imposed glass ceiling. Seeing the growth in leadership, sales, personal presence, and service that these feminine entrepreneurs had achieved, showed me that it was possible and that I wanted it. That's the GOLD. The thing is that you got to be willing to be MASSIVELY UNCOMFORTABLE. And, once you're willing, it becomes less uncomfortable. We'll talk about this on Monday, as this discomfort is an essential part of growth. If you're ready to break through your self-imposed GLASS CEILING, I'm here to support you. Let's do this!

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