Are you overwhelmed? Mindset and Productivity Hack

Overwhelm. It's insidious. It's the #1 thing I hear most people struggle with, including ME! It's my worst racket. I call it a racket because it's a BS story that keeps me from connection with myself, others, and the Divine. I didn't realize it until I went to my leadership bootcamp that  I had arranged most of my life to manage overwhelm. But really, overwhelm was managing me. I'm going to share with you 2 things that go hand-in-hand for breaking through overwhelm. 1) How not to buy your own BS and develop a healthy mindset around overwhelm that neutralizes it. 2) How to create productivity in your day so that you're getting things done that matter to you. NEUTRALIZING OVERWHELM WITH A HEALTHY MINDSET What I first got to realize is that I USED overwhelm as a front (which is why I called it a racket) to avoid something. I told myself a nice story that I had all this stuff to do so that I could feel justified doing what? Think about it for yourself. For me it was avoiding intimacy and connection and being justified in being isolated. It's not like those were my conscious thoughts, but somewhere along the line, I developed powerful emotional safety mechanisms that looked like being busy, getting sh*t done, accomplishing a lot, getting straight A's. If you're an ambitious, driven person you know what I mean. If you're not, you get to discover your own reasons for using overwhelm to avoid. This is where it gets super juicy. My leadership coach said something really profound to me: "Some of the most intimate people I know get the most done. They expand time." Whoa. She was talking my language. As you know I write about being a ninja yogini with access to super powers that most people don't even know they have. Take a moment to contemplate how being in connection with others and in a relaxed state of mind allow you to expand time. Write me back and let me know what you come up with. I'd love to hear your wisdom on this. Since I saw through the game I was playing with overwhelm and felt the price I was paying, such as connection and love, I came up with a productivity hack that has helped me manage my mind AND get sh*t done. PRODUCTIVITY HACK In a nutshell, it's results- driven chunking in 4 STEPS: 1) Make a list of all the stuff you have to do. This is where most people stop. This is where I used to stop. Whatever you do, DO NOT stop here. To-do lists are so last paradigm. :-) 2) Group tasks together. For example, I grouped all the things I need to do to submit my book, The Art of Turning 50, to a publisher; then I grouped all the tasks for my online summit; and then I grouped the errand-type things like ordering supplements or filling out forms. This is how you can chunk up your list. 3) Prioritize your chunks. Move out of a task driven mind-set to a results-driven mindset by asking yourself "What result do I want to accomplish today?" For example, my number one thing today was to get an email out for my book. I am working with a consultant to draft a proposal to Sounds True to publish my book and it was time sensitive so I moved it to my #1 chunk.  Writing to you was my #2 chunk. You see, I rank order my chunks. What I can't get done today gets carried over. 4) Create your work day in four 90-minute chunks. Let's say a productive day is made up of four 90-minute chunks with short breaks in between. That means that you have 6 really focused hours to work. For example, today I assigned the first 90-minutes to my book. On Friday, I assigned the first two 90-minute chunks to my online summit. Here's how I make the most out of my 90-minute chunks: - I set my timer for 1.5 hours with a non-jarring chime alarm. - I turn off the ringer to my phone and the sound on my computer. - I keep a pad of paper next to me so that when a thought comes to me to distract me, if it's important I write it down. I DO NOT ADDRESS it during this time. I protect and guard my time.  - My last chunk of the day is often for emails, errands, ordering online, and the like. I can take care of whatever came up on my list and deal with it then. - I create my chunking list every morning before I begin my day. SANITY NOTE: I take a walk at sunset almost every evening. It's my relaxation time. I do not bring my phone. OR if I bring my phone, I put it on airplane. It's for sunset pictures only. The key is being in the moment. I remember that I am re-training my brain out of habitual overwhelm and into relaxation.  I time-chunk on days that I work on and in my business, not every day. Some days are for self care. Some days I teach. Some days I coach. Some days I attend events. This is just one part of how I CREATE my life through my schedule. My alarm just went off, and now I must take a tea break. I hope this was helpful for you.  Remember, we are in this together. Love, Kenlyn

Photo credit: Melinda Quesenberry, Quesenberry Photography

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