Are You Dealing With Some Big Things?

The sun has just gone down here in Encinitas. Although I feel like going to bed early (and I will), but before I do, I want to share some words of encouragement about our collective experience. So much is up for people right now and it's exhausting. Almost every one of my clients has expressed some big things coming up for them this past month, coupled with a level of tiredness and exhaustion.  I can relate.   If this INTENSITY and EXHAUSTION includes you, you're not alone. Ultimately it's a good thing that things are coming up. Right? You know this. What am I hearing that is coming up? Body breakdown and health issues Co-dependence patterns Sabotage patterns Negative family dynamics Negative relationship dynamics Negative aspects of society that affect your personal life Inner anger and resentments Childhood sadness Fears and scarcity Ways we want something for people more than they want it for themselves Just plain old structural stuff that isn't working that needs to be fixed To name a few. What would you add to the list? THE GOOD NEWS: 1) What is coming up is FINALLY coming to your AWARENESS. When it comes to your awareness, you'll be able to deal with it if you don't try to sweep it back under the rug (which won't work anyway). and 2) You are INTEGRATING after the tremendous WORMHOLE and Death Portal you were in just weeks ago. As we learned in the death portal, everything changes, and so will this energy. It is a necessary step in evolving us to a new level, and we will reap the benefits of it in August. So here's one practice to do for the next week as we end July. Make it your meditation. It's simple and can be done anywhere. THE BEST PRACTICE TO DO RIGHT NOW: PAUSE and BELLY BREATHE. Put one hand on your belly and the other hand on your heart and breathe, connecting your power center with your heart center. Inhale extending your belly; exhaling brining your belly in toward your spine. Do this for a few minutes with your eyes closed.  Make this your GO-TO automatic response in stress. Traffic? Belly breathe.   Family conflict? Belly breathe. Argument? Belly breathe. Sadness in the news? Belly breathe. Overwhelmed and busy? Belly breathe. Train yourself to belly breathe. It immediately calms your nervous system, gets you into neutral mind, and opens you to the field of possibilities. BONUS - take a salt bath and go to bed early. DOUBLE BONUS - See you in class tomorrow morning. :-) TRIPLE BONUS - REPLY to this message and let me know what you have been learning during this wormhole and integration. I want to hear. Together, we've got this.

Photo credit: Melinda Quesenberry Photography

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