Sacred Activism

You may not know this, but I practice yoga not just because it has some great health and mind benefits, which it of course it does. I practice yoga because it changes the conditions of the game. I used to be a lawyer and a negotiator, and I learned early on that if you want to win a game that YOU KNOW YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE, you must change the conditions of the game. You must change the playing field. (And, by the way, that creates a win-win, too). This is yoga.

YOGA CHANGES  the playing field by working in other dimensional spaces that have just as much impact, if not more, than the material world (ie, the morphogenetic field--more on that later).

YOGA TEACHES us how to harness a power that is unseen and under-rated in a world of scientific materialism that separates the whole into parts and treats sentient life as things.

YOGA UNDERSTANDS that all of life is alive and has a vote.

YOGA ILLUMINATES  that we are not just one physical body but 9 other subtle bodies, and we have access to subtle realms.

YOGA HARNESSES the power of the mind, and if it's in SERVICE to the HEART, we can actually cause magic!

YOGA SEES that outside is a reflection of inside, so if I transform, the world transforms.

Yoga is Ninja. HOW TO APPLY THAT NINJA TO THE AMAZON If you’ve come to my classes lately, I’ve been talking about the Amazon being on fire. It has moved me deeply. I have been to the Amazon. I sobbed for 4 hours on the plane when I had to leave her. She is the Mother. I care deeply for the indigenous tribes, the animals, the life forms, and the vital contribution that the Amazon makes to the entire world by giving us breathable air. She is so generous. What is clear is that if we don’t change the conditions of the current game we are playing, we will lose. We will lose the Amazon. We will lose a viable planet. The stakes are high. But we are Ninja, and, we are READY. We said YES to incarnate right here, right now. We are the Rainbow Warriors, as Fia said in her song, Time for Greatness. We have been preparing for this moment as we heal ourselves, practice on our mats, connect in community, reaffirm each other's strengths and capacities, and digest some of the most profound spiritual teachings of our time. This. Is. Our. Moment. SOME GOOD GUIDANCE FROM CHARLES EISENSTEIN This article by Charles Eisenstein moved me deeply and I shared it in class today. Read it as if your life depends on it. Figure out what he is saying and how you can apply it. It will save you from unnecessary despair and helplessness and get you into sacred action.


THE MEDICINE Imagine this. You and I are sitting face to face, and you are sharing with me your intentions, your hearts desires, and your fears. And, like a good coach, I see your heart, and I see what’s in your way. Like a good client, you ask me for an assignment. :-) I give you the exact thing you don’t want to do because it is so OUT OF YOUR ORDINARY. It's a random act of kindness. You know if you do it, it will change you. You will get over yourself. You will love freely without holding back. It could be to write a poem to your mother or your partner expressing your love. It could be to hug a stranger every day for the next 30 days. What is it?  Write it down now. Sit with it. Are you nervous enough? Is it uncomfortable enough? Do you need to stretch even more? How important is your liberation? How much do you want to change the conditions of the game we are playing? 

“Here is how to recognize whether a given choice will help the Amazon. In your mind’s eye, go to a place outside of time where you encounter one of the casualties of deforestation. Here is an environmental activist being murdered. Here is a starving jaguar whose habitat is gone. Here is a massive tree riding the logging truck to the paper mill. Pick one. This being looks you in the eye and says, “What were you doing, my friend, as I was being destroyed?” If you can meet their gaze as you say, “I was taking care of a sick baby,” or, “I was giving lunches to homeless people,” or “I was protecting the orcas,” or “I was converting a dead, poisoned field to a permaculture food forest,” then the soul of that being will be satisfied with your answer, and so will you, just as much as if you’d blocked logging bulldozers with your body. That’s because service to any life is service to all life.”                                                                                                                                        -- Charles Eisenstein

Got your Random Act of Kindness Assignment? Good, now GO DO IT! Write me back ( and tell me your experience. I'll share my experience with you next week. This assignment has changed my life. I hope it changes yours. With love and devotion to our great Planet, Kenlyn

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