5 Veils of Illusion -- which one has you stuck?

Currently we are in the energy of a special Gene Key, and I don't want you to miss the lesson. I'm about to head out on a sunset walk, but before I do, let me share this:

OLD KARMIC PATTERNS REARING THEIR UGLY HEADS Chances are this last week has brought up an old thought form or pattern that represents a karmic wound that you’ve had to deal with your whole life. Maybe even life times. My karmic pattern came up this week in the form of a timely email message from my mother. It prompted my old story of ABANDONMENT — a prominent theme in my matrix. I wasn't expecting this issue to arise, as I thought it had been resolved. I thought I changed and grown and that I would never have to deal with this again. LOL. 

Can you relate?

But this was a test.


“There is no situation on earth that cannot be used as a means to raise your frequency and open your heart to your inner Divinity.” -- Richard Rudd, Gene Keys


WHAT ARE THE GENE KEYS? In my Kundalini class, I often reference the Gene Keys. You don’t need to know about them to understand this message, but many people have asked me, so if you’re interested, click hereto begin your journey with your own profile. It’s a profound body of work that continues to influence and shape my context for living. 

THE SHADOW OF FORGETTING. Since the new moon last week through tomorrow, humanity has been in the Mindstream of Gene Key 33 with the shadow frequency of FORGETTING.

If you are interested in WAKING UP, you need to know this.

FORGETTING is part of the deal when we incarnate on planet earth, and our job here is to REMEMBER.

We forget that we are Oneness. That everything is one thing. That nothing is separately real. (If you saw the movie “I Heart Huckabees” it’s Dustin Hoffman’s big sheet analogy.)

IMAGINE THE DIVINE IS PLAYING A GAME.  What if the all-powerful, omniscient, omnipresent Oneness had the thought that it wanted to know itself because there is no self to know when you’re Oneness. So, it decided to break itself up into billions and billions of pieces to see itself, to experience itself, to commune with itself.

That is the definition of INTIMACY. What if this whole experiment in the Maya (or Illusion of Separation) is for Intimacy?

It takes 2 to know 1.

THE 5 VEILS OF ILLUSION. To make the game more real, Oneness would have to construct 5 veils to obscure its oneness otherwise there would be no game. Those veils would make for another game, the game of remembering or waking up from the illusion.

Perhaps this parable will help you see your suffering a bit differently.

In the Yogic world we know it as the 5 Veils of Illusion in the Maya. Which one has you in its grip on you right now?

1) Power – This veil obscures your power as a divine creator and you feel powerless. You think that the circumstances dictate your experience, and your language reflects it ("I can't because..." or "He/She made me feel..."). This is the source of victim consciousness.

2) Knowledge – This veil obscures the beauty and power inside you. Ignorance makes you forget who you really are (a STAR!) and keeps your karma on "pete and repeat."

3) Bliss – This veil obscures that you are whole and complete as you are, that you are LOVE in form. When you forget the bliss, you have desires and attachments. You think you need things (or people) to be a certain way to make you happy.

4) Eternity – This veil obscures the truth of your immortality as a soul. The Mother of all Fears is the fear of death. You become myopic and fearful and you live life trying to control events, plan your life (or the lives of others), and hold on to people or things that no longer serve your growth. You can't let go.

5) Infinity – This veil obscures that you are more than just this form and that who you are is Infinite. You perceive yourself as separate, and you forget that the other is you. So you project onto others your inner reality, which leads to judgment, hatred, and blame.

* Do you see how these veils create the illusion we live in? * Do you get how remembering the truth breaks the trance?

MY BREAKTHROUGH FROM THE VEIL OF ILLUSION. So back to that email from my mother. At first, I bought the illusion. Truth be told, I cried. I felt abandoned. I found myself arguing with her in my mind. I wanted to defend myself from rejection. Anyone with me on this?

But after a good cry (which I always recommend) something else awoke in me. I asked the question, “How can I relate to this situation in a new way?” I contemplated this question.

After working with this pattern for about 20 years, I certainly understood it and came to respect our sacred contract as one of the ways designed to wake me up. We had been playing it out over and over. But this time, I wanted to REMEMBER.

Then it came to me: The answer was LOVE. I realized that while my pattern was to shut down in the face of what I perceived as rejection, to SELF-ABANDON, to reject the rejector, this time I had the capacity for something new. I decided to choose Love. I didn’t need to withhold love from her or myself. I kept my heart open and felt my love for her, for myself, and for the whole game we are playing.

I felt free. This was REMEMBERING.

HOW TO APPLY THIS TO YOURSELF? Some people use “love” as a bypass for addressing difficult situations or speaking truth to lies, so I’m not being prescriptive here. Love with a capital L is not that and can be expressed in many different ways.

Your job is not to apply my situation to yours. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to contemplate your hooks in the Maya that keep you forgetting and to ask the question:

“How can I choose another way outside my habitual pattern that brings freedom to all involved and grace on earth?”

I don’t know if this abandonment story will surface again (um, probably yes), but it actually doesn’t matter. If I remember my touchstone of Love, then I am outside the matrix and like Neo in the movie, The Matrix, that awareness alone causes the bullets to slow down in mid-air and eventually to fall to the ground.

That is NINJA. That is what we are here for. 

SEND ME a message with your breakthrough story at Kenlyn@EvolvingSisters.com.

Let’s keep each other pumped up to REMEMBER who we really are.

In Love and Remembrance of Your Ninja Self,



Photo credit: Edica Pacha Photography

Model credit: Maura Rassman

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