Launching of Sovereign Leadership Academy

We've entered a new era. Are you in?

March 6, 2019. If you look outside your window right now, you may be able to see the sliver moon--our tell tale sign that we have just been through a new moon. This act--looking at the moon--is what ancient people have done since we began, and it brings us right back into connection with the Earth and the Cosmos. Remember this. There is so much change afoot, and it is just ramping up on the global scale, that you may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, depressed, anxious, or panicked. You may be feeling the collective if you're an empath (or just plain tuned in) or you may be reacting to your own circumstances. You might be having crazy dreams. (You should see all the stuff I do--from high end magnesium to a weighted blanket to CBD oil to rescue remedy--just to calm my nervous system after doing battle in the dream space. It can be exhausting.) Thirty years ago,Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West, said of our what was to come (ie, NOW): people would look perfect on the outside but be insane on the inside. He didn't know about social media, but he was right nonetheless. We have lost our center. We have lost minds, We have lost ourselves. Collectively, we are going through a major shift. The biggest hope for making it through this shift is something subtle but very real. It's the rise of the feminine. When I say feminine, I mean the feminine principle. The world outside of a patriarchal system. It's a huge deal. We have NEVER seen this in our lifetime. We have NEVER seen this in our history. The goddess was banned, burned, disregarded long long ago. All of our modern lives were created inside that narrative, and now we are breaking apart at the seams. BUT that's the good news. It's time. - It's no accident that you were born and are a mature woman right now. - It's no accident that you've had the experiences you've had. - It's no accident that your wounds have made you a healer. - It's no accident that your mess is your message. AND it's no accident if you feel alone, scared, freaked out, depressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. Your identity is shifting. Your identity is shifting. After all, YOU are the embodiment through which this change is happening.

So the question is "Will you align with it and surrender to its power?"

Something happened to me after RISE! -- my women's event the first weekend in February at the Soul of Yoga Institute. You haven't heard much from me through email or social media since that event. I have been integrating and percolating, hardly understanding with my conscious mind what was happening to me. It was an extraordinary event of 33 women coming together with all that women carry, leaving it on the altar, and letting themselves be nourished by each other. By the end of the weekend witnessing them rise was beyond what I could have imagined. Just look at this photo. The energy it depicts is from a time long long ago. The truth is, sister, the goddess is here. She is back. Her codes are inside of us, waiting our willingness to live them. During that weekend, I offered the women a chance to keep the fire burning with a 9-month group program. The Sovereign Leadership Academy was born. Now it is time that I invite you to join us. The Sovereign Leadership Academy is a certification program for women to own their sovereignty, their power, their radiance, and their purpose here. We have millennials, midlife women, single mothers, and kick ass business women joining us. All walks of life. Some know what they are here to do. Some don't. What they all have in common is that their lives are busy, their plates are full, but they said YES to the call to grow, to become, to prioritize themselves, to be in tribe, and to bring the feminine back to this planet. Is this you? How would this feel to be included in this epic group of women? If your body is lit up and your curiosity is piqued, send me an email and let's talk. You can find information about the 9 Diamond Approach curriculum here. At the end of the course, you will be certified to pay it forward: To use the distinctions you learned in your every day life or with clients and customers. You will be equipped with what you need in order to feel your center in the midst of the chaos and to make a difference. It's an activation. It's a stand for something other than what we see on the news. It's the new world. Go outside at look at the new moon in the dark sky. Close your eyes. Feel your feet on the earth. Know you are supported at this very moment and that you are who you have been waiting for.

In Service and Devotion, Kenlyn

Photo Credit: Shirley Innecken

In Service and Devotion, Kenlyn

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