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This realization just hit me: The first half of 2018 is almost over. At the beginning of the year I established some big goals for myself in almost every area of my life. These weren't shoulds; these were stakes in the ground so that I could reduce stress, expand my business, step into my life's calling and take care of my health as I age. I had no idea all of this would hit me at once and ask everything from me. Indeed, turning 50 asked me to reinvent myself. As I take stock at this midpoint of the year, 3 things have helped me make massive progress that I want to share with you: 1) Committing to and REMEMBERING my priorities - Damn, there are so many bright shiny objects out there. Right?! And they are mostly awesome, worthwhile, cool, cutting edge and right up my ally. But I can't do them all. It seems like every day I have to remember what I'm up to and recommit to that first and foremost and avoid distractions. 2) The right kind of Support - About a year ago, I picked up a rock with a handwritten message on it: "support," and burst into tears. I didn't really allow the kind of support into my life that I needed. I examined the massive level of support I did have -- awesome friends, a great place to live, a spiritual connection to the Divine, lots of energy, a solid Kundalini practice--but what was missing was the kind of support I needed to give myself. Admittedly, I was one of those people who tried to figure almost every out myself. I searched the Internet. I piece-mealed things together. It's the recovering lawyer in me. But, it was exhausting. So this year, I changed my strategy all together: I enrolled myself in a business program (actually 2 of them), got a life coach, energy worker, tax consultant, relationship coach and a health coach, committed to several 40-Day meditations, and received feedback from top women entrepreneurs. I took Massive Action. As a result a whole new world has opened up. My coaching is on fire. My teaching is on fire. I'm on fire. 3) Self Worth - Then there's THAT gremlin. One of the biggest things that had to shift was my self worth. Apparently I'm in good company on this one: Turns out that even entrepreneurs who earn millions of dollars and seemingly "have it all" deal with self worth issues. It's insidious. It's an onion. And there are always layers. Staying busy trying to figure it all out myself cloaked my vulnerability and hid my feelings of unworthiness. I hadn't challenged myself outside of my comfort zone so I didn't know what gremlins lurked beneath the surface. So when my coach suggested I take some actions that were edgy for me, my inner 2 year old declared, "you can't make me!"

Can you relate? Only my commitment to growth and self love helped me get beyond that initial reaction. But are you thinking, "I did that work already"? Ya, I thought that too. Unfortunately it's not a one shot deal. Just when we peel one layer of that onion, we are asked to expand more and evolve more. And then we get to another layer. It's a life-long process of contraction and expansion, each time going up the evolutionary spiral. I believe that humanity -- you and me and everyone else -- is in a huge period of reinvention on a collective level. Women are rising. Institutions are crumbling. Kids are walking out of schools. Reinvention is on the menu. In order for the world to transition from one age to another (and actually survive), we must reinvent ourselves. And that takes something. But that something doesn't have to be getting your face smashed by a brick (unless you want to resist). It's more like running a marathon and making it over the finish line! So what's in this conversation for you?

* Maybe this conversation just validated that what you thought was on the menu for you actually IS on the menu. Sometimes that helps a ton. You're not crazy. * Maybe you have been on the fence at supporting yourself in your top priorities and now you'll take action to get support. That would be epic. * Maybe you realize that you need to be around people who support your growth and represent the new you. * Maybe something else. Please share it with me.

To support your expansion and growth, I have an invitation for you: Special Invitation - Schedule a call with me. Let's talk about what's on your menu and explore if I can be of service. There's no obligation, and you'll probably learn something valuable about yourself, your thinking, your business, what is in the way, or what you really desire. That's cool. If you're serious about doing whatever it takes to transform your situation, reach out at with "I'm Seriously Ready" in the subject line.

Here's to your FLOURISHING!

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