Bridging the Gap

Are you called to bridge gaps?

Gaps will always be there. They are the gray area between two poles. The issue is how far apart are the poles and what is the impact of that distance? Bridging gaps requires the ability to understand both sides gracefully and equally and bring together what is common. It's a beautiful and needed role in our world right about now.

Catherine Grace O'Connell is a change agent who brought the Fierce 50 campaign to light. Her aspiration, similar to mine, is to light the flame of empowerment of women in midlife. After the success of Fierce 50, she turned her attention to bridging the gap between millennial and midlife women. What could we learn from each other if we remove the stigma of a chronological number?

My millennial sister is Marina Qutab. I paired up with her because she is the Eco Goddess. Her commitment to eating healthy plant based food and zero waste was inspiring to me. She has a soft and joyful way about her that at first awakened my mama bear instincts to protect her. But as I got to know her, I felt into her alpha woman nature. She knows who she is, even if she is constantly changing. Becoming friends with her has taught me that whatever solutions we want to create for humanity and other beings on this planet, must come from all generations. She sees possibilities that I miss. She metabolizes the world in a way that I do not. Together we are stronger.

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