SD Voyager 

Meet Kenlyn Kolleen of Evolving Sisters

“Is 50 the new 30?” “What role do midlife women have to play in shaping a new world?”


These are the questions that are on my mind right now....

APRIL 11th, 2019




Do you ever find that you abandon yourself for other people’s dreams, lives, needs, and wants?

If you’re like me you said “yes”.

This week’s episode of Big DREAM School Podcast ...

JAN 5th, 2019


Episode 58

Boost Your Sales with Lisa Sasevich

Episode 58 of Boost Your Sales and Lifestyle is a special birthday episode all about reinventing your life. Help me celebrate my birthday by listening to this interview with Kenlyn Kolleen ....

APRIL 12th, 2018


women's retreat 

Guest Teacher for Melissa Kathyrn , Founder of  Weightloss for Life

Using the technology of Kundalini Yoga for women's groups to help them love themselves more.

APRIL 11th, 2019



Interview on Aging and Turning 50

Recently, I became present to my fear of aging for one really good reason: soon I was going to be turning 50. At some point in my youth, I labeled 50 as old, and I never updated my files....

March 23rd, 2017  



Interview with Kenlyn Kolleen  - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Yoga showed up to heal me through the other side of love -- the one no one talks about: Letting Go.

July 11th, 2016


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