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Kenlyn's  Bio



who supports women to claim their power – spiritually, emotionally, and financially – so that they can lead confidently, live their true life purpose, and serve the world with their gifts from a solid place of self-love and self-support.

After graduating in the top 10% of her law class at the University of Notre Dame Law School and serving as an attorney in Washington, D.C. and Boulder, Colorado in the media and information technology department of boutique law firms, Kenlyn left the corporate world to embrace a higher law--or dharma--and seek a higher truth.

Her journey took her to India twice: once on a spiritual pilgrimage which included a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the second time to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

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She has served on the board of an international agency working in Nepal to fight child sex trafficking and was the first person to launch an anti-trafficking program in Denver, Colorado serving homeless youth. 

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Photo credit: Cary Jobe Photography

She volunteers regularly for animal sanctuaries and has a passion to protect wild spaces and animals. A portion of the proceeds of her work supports the planting of trees with Tree Sisters and the protection of endangered species. 

She is the author of The Art of Turning 50: A Woman’s Guide to a Radiant, Authentic Life and teaches Kundalini Yoga at the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas, CA. She is the creator and curator of the Divine Feminine Summit: How ambitious, successful, driven women embody the divine feminine archetypes to align more deeply with their higher purpose and increase their impact and income (

She leads retreats, runs women's leadership and empowerment circles, and coaches women privately so that they can embody their radiance, live their purpose, and make a big impact on behalf of the Planet.



A SHORT FILM by Kenlyn Kolleen

Kenlyn made this short film after her beloved dog, Pennylane, crossed the rainbow bridge.


This film is about the spiritual lessons she learned loving and letting go of Pennylane and is based on the Mary Oliver poem, In Blackwater Woods. 

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