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5-Part Master Series 

Your Money

Your Business

Your Mission


World Service

(yes, they are related)

For women (and a few good men)
who want to make a difference, play big, and earn an extra $1500-$5000 a month doing it
What if you have a unique message to share with the world?  (Hint: If you are reading this, the answer is YES!)
And, by the world, I don't mean on a loud speaker broadcasting to 20 nations. I mean to your divine right constituency--people who naturally and effortlessly want what you have? Whatever you say and how you say it resonates with them and helps them deal with their obstacles and desires. (This is the new marketing.)
What if your message is your mess? 
And, by mess, I don't mean your kitchen table or your desk. I mean the obstacles you've had to overcome, the crap you've had to deal with and transcend, the cross you've had to bear in order to transform your darkness into Light. Chances are you've learned skills, you've gone to workshops, you've read books, you've developed your own personal system to do this (even if you're not aware that you have). (Hint: and you don't have to be perfect to offer it--no one believes "perfect" anyway.)
What if your Mess + your Passion = your Mission?
What if your Mission, which only YOU are qualified to do, is your contribution to humanity, animals, Planet Earth, and to evolution itself?
I call it your World Service. It's your way to Be the Lighthouse during these pivotal times.
Check out my video below to learn why WORLD SERVICE is so epically important.

Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Would you be a HELL YES if you knew HOW?

I created this 5-Series of Master Classes for YOU! Catalyzing you to do your mission and make money.


The 5-Series is a cost-effective way to


  • understand this emerging model and your place in it

  • connect the dots between what you're here to do, your unique story and genius, and how to bring it to the world

  • realize why earning your own money in this way is an essential part of the world service equation (it may not be the reasons you suspect) and

  • really get how you can earn extra revenue or make a living, be a contribution, overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs and play a bigger game.


You'll get a structured way to work on your business, seasoned guidance, and a chance to ask questions. You'll be able to create your own road map for next steps.

Purchase each class separately for $97 each, or get a big discount with all 5 Master Classes for $399.

If you can't attend a class, no problem. They will be recorded and sent to you.

Here's more information about the 5-Series Master Classes:

Special Intro Class Offered to the Awaken Your Feminine Tribe

Emerging Business Model: Step into Your Genius

Wednesday, June 28, 7-9 pm PST




Sunday, July 9, 4-6 pm PST (repeat class for those who want it live and can't make the earlier class)

All classes recorded.

Have you ever wondered how we, as a society and a culture, make the big shifts we need to in order to create a world

that we know is possible but, clearly, is not there yet?


One way is that we all step into our genius. This emerging business model allows all of us to be teachers and all of us to be students, without a top-down pressure to know everything or be perfect. Yet, there is no hiding your genius. With so much on the line, many of us are feeling compelled to play a bigger game. And, we are unwilling to suffer working for generic, soulless, and greedy corporations.


This emerging business model allows every person with a story and passion to teach what they know in a sustainable way that gets you paid. The getting paid part is a key part of the equation--find out why.


  • You will learn this emerging business model and apply it to your situation.

  • You will discover how this emerging business model intersects with your mission and desire for world service.​​

  • You will learn how to get more help if you are ready to dive into this.​

  • You will receive a structure (and an assignment) to interpret, hone, and refine your story.

  • You will receive a questionnaire before class about your personal situation so the class can be tailored to you.


Class 1 - From Mission to Money

Start Date: Fall 2017

We have sacred contracts with each other. Have you noticed that there are certain people in your life whose advice is usually spot on and resonates with you? Well, you have that with a bigger audience than you may realize. We live in a time of narrowcasting (versus broadcasting). Messages are tailored with a unique voice. And, it doesn't take many people to be recognized and successful.


Against that backdrop is your own story, your own mess, your own passions, and your own mission.


This class will dive deeper into how you mine what you know and include what you're passionate about to hone in on your unique message. Your message turns into your mission and puts you on track for world service. We get to change the world by being who we are!


Class 2 - The Money Model

Start Date: Fall 2017

This class will introduce you to the emerging revenue model and show you how you can make $1500 to $5000 a month doing what you are here to do, expressing your unique gifts and knowledge, and putting yourself out there (and therefore growing and maturing into a self-actualized human being). This class may inspire and trigger you at the same time. There's a particular reason why money is in this equation. Find out what it is. This class promises to be juicy!


Class 3 - The Mental Game it Takes To Play Big

Start Date: Fall 2017

Why do successful people have a coach? Mind set. It's the most fundamental part of any attempt to play big or get out of your comfort zone. And, it's impossible to coach yourself out of your own thinking without support.


I have to admit that I never thought I had a mind set issue. Until I got a coach. Then I discovered that mind set was my BIGGEST issue -- above being undercapitalized or a newbie or any other excuse I could think of.


Putting yourself out there and getting paid for it will bring up more crap than staying the weekend with your family of origin.


  • You will learns some tried and true mind set practices to use at the exact right moment when you want to give up.

  • You will learn a daily practice to keep yourself in a creative, positive space to move forward.

  • You will learn how to deal with overwhelm, fear of not being good enough, fear of being a fraud and all those other wonderful thought forms that visit you whenever you want to do something big.

  • You will experience the power of being seen, supported, and having your hand held.

  • You will learn the antidote to procrastination, fear, and overthinking. 


Class 4 - Your Personal Action Plan 

Start Date: Fall 2017

"How exactly do I do this?" This is the question I asked when I first started. I had a lot of training but I didn't know how to integrate it and take action. This class will give you a start along that journey. In this class, we synthesize what we have learned, create our road map, and commit to small steps that move the ball forward in our business. 


How exactly...?


-  do I tell my story?

-  do I launch my business? 

-  do I launch a new program?

-  do I start?

-  do I get clients?

This is a really good class to join in person so you can get your specific questions answered.


Class 5: Money Mindset to Win 

Start Date: Fall 2017

A lot of us have a poor relationship with money--from our family of origin or from the school of hard knocks. Being an entrepreneur challenges our money beliefs and patterns and asks us to evolve.


  • Learn your money set point.

  • Get visibility into your money story and your willingness to receive.

  • Learn daily practices that could help you shift old patterning and conditioning.

  • Explore the energetic and practical aspects of what makes us money.

  • Discover the right amount to charge your clients.



This Money, Business, Mission and World Service 5-Series promises to get you started in what you've been wanting to offer or to up level what you have already started.


It's the perfect launch pad for what's next -- the missing piece to your good intentions and deep desires. 

I'm in world service in Nepal. Photo Credit:

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Remember: If you can't attend one of the classes, no problem.

Each class will be recorded and you will be sent an email with the recording.

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