A Special Women's Retreat in

Boulder, Colorado

June 22-24, 2018

Summer Solstice

I am beautiful       I am bountiful      I am blissful

For this retreat we will gather in the mountains of Colorado in the town of Boulder. The apex of the Solstice light means that it's the lightest time of year--an auspicious time to receive new downloads from the Sun energy and to be in Nature.

Our focus will be on receiving more self love and expanding our self worth. Self love and self worth effect everything, especially how much we are willing to receive--to allow in. We will examine our relationship to money, wealth, love, abundance, and creativity as we follow our natural desire to expand during this time of year.

It will be fun.


Not all work has to be hard. Especially when we are in sacred tribe with one another.

Let's travel the evolutionary spiral together.  Join us and reserve your spot today.

"I've done all of Kenlyn's retreats, and I have gotten something profound out of every single one of them. Through the practices and the support of an amazing group of women, I have been able to break through stuck energy, especially around my ex and in my relationship with money. And, I have claimed my inner Queen at a much deeper level. I always look forward to peeling layers of the onion with this work and will do so for the rest of my life, as it's a way to being awake, empowered, and truly happy."     

-- Myrna, Publisher and Business Owner


Where: Boulder, Colorado (40 miles from the Denver International Airport) at a Private Residence (north Boulder near Lucky Market)

When: Roughly here it is: Friday evening, June 22,  7-10 pm; Saturday 9 am to 10 pm; Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. We will break for/end at dinner both evenings or choose to have a pot luck. Start time on Sat/Sun could be later depending on group energy.

What activities?

- Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in the morning

- Journaling and Written Exercises 

- Group Sharing and Practices

- Action Plans and Commitments

- Dancing

- Nature walks with an almost full moon

Cost? Early registration fee is $399 until June 18; regular fee is $450 on June 19-22. Fee includes some food during the day but not dinner.  We've never lacked for food! Travel and lodging not included. 

Bring? Wear white in the mornings to practice Kundalini and bring a change of clothes; walking/hiking shoes; journal; water bottle; snacks that you would like; chocolate bar to share; funky dance party clothes and costumes.


Everything you want is on the other side of self love.


Invite yourself to:

* Grow in your capacity to love yourself more so that you can receive more that the Universe has for you
* Release old stories of self-doubt, self-hatred, fear, pain and shame so that you stop blocking the abundance that wants to flow to you
* Discover ways to create structures in your life so that abundance can flow from you and to you
* Experience yourself in all your radiance, royalty, and worth so that you will fearlessly step into your calling (even if you don't know what it is)

Mind + Heart + Strategy

* We will work with our mind through exercises and worksheets, digging deep into our beliefs about money, love, and purpose.

* We will work with our heart through the technology of kundalini yoga and group sharing.

* We will work with our strategy through practical assignments that will cause you a breakthrough. 

Let's Do This ....Together