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3-Month Journey to EMPOWER the Divine Feminine in YOU

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HONOR who you've been so that you can be who you are becoming?

Step Into Your Divine Feminine CALLING so you can make an impact?



Make A Meaningful IMPACT?

Do you hear the call to be in sisterhood?

Are you ready to show us your authentic and unique self?

Hell Yes!

The 3 Inner Circle Modules


quantum transformation

As the final months of the MOST evolutionary year in history promises to be as IMPACTFUL --  if not more -- than the first half, we recognize that there's NO GETTING AWAY from the unknown, loss, change, disruption....and EVOLUTION. It is demanding that we WAKE UP. That we die to who we thought we were so that a more awakened and aligned "NEW YOU" can emerge. We are not out of the transformational fire yet.


Module 1 supports us in getting in FRONT of these evolutionary shifts so they feel like a FORKLIFT instead of a 2x4.


You'll go through my 3-part healing process that is designed to encompass the body/emotions, the mind, and your frequency (or spirit). Through that healing process you will be able to

  • acknowledge old patterns without getting caught in them,

  • confirm their deletions so they don't stick around, and

  • stabilize, attune, and keep reaching toward that new sovereign identity so that that eventually you become the highest version of yourself and your life is easier and more beautiful.


You will also create a PLAN to GET LASER FOCUSED on the work you are here to do.


The energy is available for YOUR quantum evolution, and the INNER CIRCLE teachings and SISTERHOOD will support you in getting yours.


powerful communication

Often the most challenging aspects of waking up is being able to have difficult conversations with other people, especially people who trigger us. Nothing makes us revert back to our old self more than emotional reactivity. Most spiritual teachers don't teach practical skills, and most of us didn't learn these skills from our family of origin.


Part of having a successful and fulfilled life is acquiring the skill set for conscious communication and having the capacity for difficult conversations.

In Module 2, we will learn and practice these very PRACTICAL and LIFE ALTERING skills:

  • how to speak with clarity to get what you want

  • how to create an energetically clean space

  • how to get your power back if you've given it away

  • how to consciously relate to others so that you have a deeper connection

You'll come away from the INNER CIRCLE feeling empowered in your communications to create real connection with others and to have the relationships you desire.


abundance and success

As you begin to shed the parts of your old identity that no longer serve you, stand in the vision of who you are becoming, and communicate with new skills, you will start to create A NEW ENERGETIC FIELD around you -- the ATTRACTOR FIELD. This attractor field will magnetize new opportunities, partners, and paths to you.


While most of the world, including the spiritual world, focuses on the outside as keys for abundance and success, by this point in our work together, you will know better.


In the Inner Circle, you will learn THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL KEY to using the attractor field to manifest what you desire. We will collectively create a field in which we stretch into new possibilities and create what we've NEVER CREATED BEFORE.

In addition, you wil learn the NEW CODES FOR ABUNDANCE. The old codes of hard work, paying your dues, chasing after success, sucking it up, or hating your job but tolerating it because it takes care of some of your needs ARE OVER.


LEARN HOW TO ALIGN with the new codes so that you don't fall back to your old ways of being, but instead you lean into and trust the new ways of being that you are being asked to live and embody.

"I have participated in other circles, and I have to say that I have received more than I expected by far in the Inner Circle with Kenlyn. The material is focused enough that I have grown in an area that has been very difficult for me in the past (finding my purpose and passion in a realistic way) and also open enough that it fits for anyone's vision. Kenlyn has delivered more than what was promised and has spent extra time after calls and with bonus calls to help us grow and develop. Her passion, energy and commitment to empowering the divine feminine is always shining through." 

Jen Yang, Taiwan






8 Interactive Master Classes with Kenlyn via Zoom for 1.5 hours each; these classes include teachings, meditations, and interactive breakout sessions

8 Recordings of our the Master Classes

3 Learning Modules to Direct Your Transformation

Access to a Private Facebook Group Sacred Container to Be Seen and Feel Connected to the Sisterhood

3 Months of Group Support and Feedback to Shed Old Layers and Blossom Into the New You

BONUS: 24 Video Teachings of Divine Feminine Mudras to Activate Your Hidden Feminine Power

BONUS: Online Access to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to Stay Focused, Centered and Energized

BONUS: Lifetime Access to 23 Interviews of the Divine Feminine Summit to Receive Feminine Power Activations


BONUS: 2 Business Coaching Online Courses from Master Coaches to Hone Your Message and Increase Your Income

2 Ways to Join the Inner Circle Today


4 low monthly payments
of $249 each
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For the payment plan, you'll be charged the first payment upon registering and then 3 more payments 30 days apart. 


Special offer PAY-IN-FULL
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Can I get an AMEN?!


Love notes from the last inner circle

"I had every reason NOT to sign up. I was very busy, did not have a lot of spare cash, had done courses that sometimes disappointed and had pledged not to do any more. Nevertheless I broke my pledge to sign up as this felt different, so I followed my instinct and I thank God I did. It has been a life-saver to have this community of sisters and light-workers, sharing this challenging time, and someone as authentic, grounded and intuitive as Kenlyn to guide us. What I love most is it is small and intimate enough for us to really help each other - as well as get Kenlyn's focus on each one of our challenges. I also love the fact that its about becoming rooted in a unique personal vision which we excavate, but blends good business sense too. It perfectly suits my desire to build a way to make money whilst not giving up on my vision to be led by my heart and follow my spiritual calling. It’s also full of kick-ass Goddesses and medicine women, high priestesses who are not afraid to shine their light as well as be vulnerable and real. This is thanks to the magical and creative space Kenlyn creates for us." 

"I want to express all my gratitude to you. You are the best leadership I have met in my life. Your soul is shining and always does…. What I learnt from you is the courage to act with integrity, kindness and compassion…. Your mind’s clarity is so impressive… brilliant, intelligent, brave and really grounded. Bravo!"




(How It Works)




As soon as you sign up, you'll receive a welcome confirmation letter with all the details, including the schedule, private facebook group, and dates and times. All the calls will be recorded and posted in the facebook group after the call so you can watch it at your convenience if you miss a call. The first Inner Circle call begins on October 5, and the last one is December 14. We generally follow a 2 weeks on/one week off schedule. Exact dates are in the email. There are no refunds, and payment plans are not memberships, but agreements to pay in full over three months. You get out if it what you put into it. We know you are going to love it!

LIFETIME ACCESS to 23 interviews of the Divine Feminine Summit

VALUE $250


Sage Lavine, Women Rocking Business Master Your Money Message 

A 5-step intensive program to clarify your message, create marketing materials, and attract clients

VALUE $997

Lisa Sasevich, The Invisible Close -Nail Your Offer System -

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VALUE $500

Weekly Live Online Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Kenlyn or Recorded Replays

VALUE $250

TOTAL VALUE of Bonuses $1997

2 Ways to Join the Inner Circle Today


4 low monthly payments
of $249 each
make your first
payment here

For the payment plan, you'll be charged the first payment upon registering and then 3 more payments 30 days apart. 


Special offer PAY-IN-FULL
Save $200
one low price of






Kenlyn Kolleen is an author, speaker, spiritual business and empowerment coach and Kundalini Yoga instructor. A former attorney graduating at the top of her class, she left the corporate world to pursue the spiritual laws of higher truth. Her journey took her to India to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama and to complete Kundalini Yoga teacher training.


She has served on the board of Free A Child in Nepal and launched the first anti-trafficking program in Denver, Colorado, serving homeless youth. She is the author of The Art of Turning 50: A Woman’s Guide to a Radiant and Authentic Life and maintains a private coaching and speaking practice while teaching Kundalini Yoga in Encinitas, CA.