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Your beautiful and bold invitation

to join thE inner circle

Join a community of SISTERS on a 

6-Month Journey to EMPOWER your PURPOSE

and BRING it into the WORLD


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UNITE your inner Divine Feminine and your inner Divine Masculine?

UNDERSTAND what exactly you're here to do in this 3D world?

Get CRYSTAL CLEAR about your Divine Feminine PURPOSE?

Create a VISION that inspires you?

OVERCOME fears and self-doubt so that you confidently bring your gifts to the world?


Turn your vision into INSPIRED ACTION so that you make an IMPACT and INCOME?

Be in SISTERHOOD and make close friends and business allies?

The 3 Inner Circle Modules

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 11.51.54


self mastery

ACTIVATING Medicine Woman, Alchemist, High Priestess Edgewalker and Lilith

The Self Mastery Process is a transformational healing journey that involves shamanic work and frequency upgrades and gives you access to Evolving Sisters's Feminine Empowerment Tools. You will explore your subconscious patterns and shadows (like people pleasing, perfectionism, procrastination) and create your unique, customized mantra so that you can turn your wound into your magic wand.

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 11.51.54


purpose clarity


Artemis, the Warrior Goddesses and Green Tara

The Purpose Clarity Process crystalizes your vision, what you stand for and lessons from your Shero's journey. You'll be able to clearly articulate the medicine you are here to bring to the people who need it most.

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 11.51.54


impact and income

ACTIVATING Lakshmi, Empress of Embodiment, Manifestation Queen and Sri Lalita

By this point you'll understand what you have to offer and what you're here to do. More importantly, you'll be empowered with the confidence to be seen and heard. Now you'll create an inspired plan of action to to bring your gifts into the world, whether through writing a book, starting a nonprofit or a business, or igniting a creative project or movement.

Get the support you need to launch yourself with confidence in a new and expanded way.

"I have participated in other circles, and I have to say that I have received more than I expected by far in the Inner Circle with Kenlyn. The material is focused enough that I have grown in an area that has been very difficult for me in the past (finding my purpose and passion in a realistic way) and also open enough that it fits for anyone's vision. Kenlyn has delivered more than what was promised and has spent extra time after calls and with bonus calls to help us grow and develop. Her passion, energy and commitment to empowering the divine feminine is always shining through." 


Jen Yang, Taiwan





Twice a month - Interactive Master Classes with Kenlyn via Zoom for 1.5 hours each. Master classes may include teachings, meditations, and interactive breakout sessions

Once a month - Embodiment, Breathwork and Sharing Sessions 

3 Speakers from the Divine Feminine Summit to go deeper with you --Lama Tsultrim Allione (Dakini, Sky Dancer), Kathleen McGowen (Mary Magdalene) and Astara (Green Tara)

3 Expert Guest Teachers -- to facilitate ancestral and subconscious healing and frequency upgrade 

Recordings of all the classes so you don't miss anything

Access to the Self Mastery Process, Purpose Clarity Process, and Feminine Empowerment Tools to guide your transformation journey

Access to the Inner Circle private online community to be seen, get direct feedback and to connect to other members of the Inner Circle

6 Months of group support and feedback to shed old layers, blossom into an expanded version of yourself and take inspired action steps toward a vision that brings your purpose to life and serves the world

2 Ways to Join the Inner Circle Today

OPTION 1 - Special Offer Payment Plan

6 monthly payments
of $399 each
make your first
payment here

For the payment plan, you'll be charged your first payment upon registering, and then 5 payments automatically 30 days apart.


This is not a membership. All payments must be made regardless of  whether you attend the classes or do the coursework.

OPTION 2 - Special Offer Pay-in-Full

$500 Scholarship off $2497
one PAYMENT of

All payments, whether in full or payment plan, are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

Sign Up!

Can I get an AMEN?!


Love notes from the last inner circle

"I had every reason NOT to sign up. I was very busy, did not have a lot of spare cash, had done courses that sometimes disappointed and had pledged not to do any more. Nevertheless I broke my pledge to sign up as this felt different, so I followed my instinct and I thank God I did. It has been a life-saver to have this community of sisters and light-workers, sharing this challenging time, and someone as authentic, grounded and intuitive as Kenlyn to guide us. What I love most is it is small and intimate enough for us to really help each other - as well as get Kenlyn's focus on each one of our challenges. I also love the fact that its about becoming rooted in a unique personal vision which we excavate, but blends good business sense too. It perfectly suits my desire to build a way to make money whilst not giving up on my vision to be led by my heart and follow my spiritual calling. It’s also full of kick-ass Goddesses and medicine women, high priestesses who are not afraid to shine their light as well as be vulnerable and real. This is thanks to the magical and creative space Kenlyn creates for us." 

"I want to express all my gratitude to you. You are the best leadership I have met in my life. Your soul is shining and always does…. What I learnt from you is the courage to act with integrity, kindness and compassion…. Your mind’s clarity is so impressive… brilliant, intelligent, brave and really grounded. Bravo!"




(How It Works)

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive a welcome confirmation letter with all the details, including the schedule, private community group, and dates and times. All the calls will be recorded and posted in the facebook group after the call so you can watch it later if you miss a call.

The first Inner Circle call begins on March 15. Exact dates are in the email when you sign up. There are no refunds, and payment plans are not memberships, but agreements to pay in full over the term. You get out if it what you put into it, and we know it can change your life by giving you the wings to fly into your purpose and work in the world.



Laptop 01.jpg

GIFTED FROM Evolving Sisters - 
All ACCESS videos to Divine Feminine Summits 2020 and 2021 

Experience the Divine Feminine ACTIVATIONS of the feminine archetypes on your own time and as many times as you want. You will have all-video access for your personal use.

VALUE $500

Master your Money.jpg

GIFTED FROM Sage Lavine, Ninja Business Babe - 
Women Rocking Business Master Your Money Message 

A 5-step intensive program to clarify your message, create marketing materials, and attract clients

VALUE $997

GIFTED FROM Rose Cole, Medicine Woman and Mystic Sage -

Truth-FULLY - 9 Week Virtual Training to Become More Assertive, Set Healthy Boundaries, & Step Into True Sovereignty!

Are you ready to breakout of codependency, step into your power, and learn the effective communication skills to set healthy boundaries? This 9 week at-home study course shows you how to have direct, compassionate communication, and step into your power.


VALUE $750


GIFTED FROM Kenlyn Kolleen, Creatrix Queen, Divine Feminine Summit -
Weekly LIVE Online Kundalini RISING Yoga and Meditation

Join a global community for an expansive and enlivening dharma talk, practice and meditation every Sunday at 9 am PST. With consistent practice, you'll create a stronger spine, deeper lung capacity, a steady drishti, and you'll feel energized and connected to the Divine.


Value $250


GIFTED FROM Shelly Bullard, Manifestation Queen -
Manifesting Money Masterclass 

Do you want more financial abundance in your life? In this Manifesting Money Masterclass, You Tube star and Manifesting Queen Shelly shows you how to do it. You'll begin to create more wealth just by who you are being. 

VALUE: $122


2 Ways to Join the Inner Circle Today

OPTION 1 - Special Offer Payment Plan

6 monthly payments
of $399 each
make your first
payment here

For the payment plan, you'll be charged your first payment upon registering, and then 5 payments automatically 30 days apart.


This is not a membership. All payments must be made regardless of  whether you attend the classes or do the coursework.

OPTION 2 - Special Offer Pay-in-Full

$500 scholarship off $2497
one PAYMENT of

All payments, whether in full or payment plan, are non-cancellable and non-refundable.






Kenlyn Kolleen is a premiere leadership, empowerment + spiritual business coach, and curator of The Divine Feminine Summit, a global sisterhood dedicated to empowering the voice of the feminine. Through private one-on-one coaching, empowerment circles + retreats, and warmly expansive online spaces, Kenlyn strives to be an accessible connective force for all.


Feeling the call to support women to reclaim their power - spiritually, emotionally, and financially - Kenlyn moved beyond her former life as a Notre Dame law graduate and top attorney to focus on empowering women to embody their radiance, live their purpose, and make significant impacts on behalf of our planet.


As her experiences taught her to embrace a higher law and seek higher truths, she moved away from the corporate world and toward India. Her first spiritual pilgrimage included a private audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. She returned from her second as a Kundalini Yoga teacher.


Kenlyn is the author of The Art of Turning 50: A Woman’s Guide to a Radiant, Authentic Life, and teaches Kundalini RISING Yoga via her international livestream platform. As a filmmaker, her short film Doglama serves as a catalyst to help others explore spiritual lessons on loving and letting go. She has served on the board of Free A Child in Nepal, and launched the first anti-trafficking program in Denver, Colorado, serving homeless and vulnerable youth. 


Kenlyn lives, breathes, and connects in Encinitas, CA.

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