Magical Holiday

40-Day Meditation

November 28 - January 7

Two for one special through Monday

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Have your holidays been filled with stress, overwhelm, sadness, or going through the motions?


Or, maybe you've felt like something was missing and you longed for something more.

You're not alone.


This time of year can be so challenging, and, in the Northern Hemisphere, winter has the least amount of sunlight and the lowest natural production of serotonin (the neurotransmitter of well being). That, coupled with our expectations, can make our nervous systems go into survival instead of THRIVING.

Of course, it doesn't have to be that way.

In truth, the holiday season is a time when the veil between our mundane world and the world of the sacred is thin, and we can access the sacred in us, our Divine nature, more readily. Just listen to the sacred in our holiday music: "Joy to the World," and "Angels we have heard on high." Behind the melodies and the jingles are a longing for the Divine and a longing for community, a feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood.


First Call Date:  Tuesday, Nov 28

Meditation Starts On: Wed, Nov 29

Last call: Saturday, Jan 6

Last Meditation: Sunday, Jan 7

How Long:  40 Days of Meditation

What do we do?: 

 1) Meditate with Kundalini mantra everyday for at least 3 minutes (meditation will be provided)

2) Participate in daily power practices (discussed on calls)

3) Share your experience, challenges, and gratitudes on a weekly call (no worries - they will be recorded if you can't attend)

* Call in number, time, and details will be provided in the email after you register (by clicking one of the buttons below)


* Calls will be recorded in case you have to miss the call



If you live in Encinitas, we will meet at the beach several times in the early morning for a group ISHNAN (kundalini hydrotherapy, aka, a jump in the ocean!)


Let's use the mantras and technology of Kundalini yoga together with our potent group energy to commit ourselves to a 40-day meditation and power practices to evoke the Divine within each of us.

Everyone can do this: men, women, teenagers.


You don't have to be home or in one location. You can travel (this is why we have calls!). You only have to be committed to a different experience and be willing to show up for yourself and the group. 

Give yourself the best gift this season: YOU. The Divine in YOU.

Wouldn't you like a little more of that right now?

Join me in putting the focus where it is best placed: on your spiritual practice and your heart.


Join me in this special 40-day meditation and power practices to call in the magic, evoke the Mystery, and welcome the Wonder.  

Meet your longing. Connect with your INFINITY. Make this holiday season one of the riches and most sacred so far. Gracefully handle whatever curve balls life may throw at you. Be supported. Be reminded. Feel the connection. Feel the love.

Watch this short video. Find out the how the 40-day meditation works and what it involves. 

Register by 4 pm PST on Tues. Nov. 28

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One registration into the 40-Day Meditation Program. That's over 6 weeks of support for less than the daily price of a latte. Want it for even less? See the JOYFUL option.


The MAGICAL option for a $100 discount if you bring a friend. You both get to be on the calls and participate and make magic together.


MAGICAL Option PLUS a private Skype (or in person, if you're in Encinitas) session to address challenges, blocks, or explore ways to deepen or elevate your spiritual practice. Includes Kundalini yoga as part of the session.

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