Sacred Feminine Initiation

February 9-11, 2018

Encinitas, CA

Return to the Mother Ocean for a weekend of sacred feminine initiation and threshold crossings.


What is the source of our power?

What are your hidden talents?

What stories are complete?

What new possibilities will you create?

Who are you for yourself?

Who are you for others?


Simply (and directly) put, we live in a time when survival of the human race and other sentient beings is at stake. We might have despair about that except we are seeing something extraordinary happen. Women are rising. Women are taking back their own personal power out of the obscurity of patriarchy, shame, guilt, over-doing, and lack of confidence, and we are waking up.


Individually that means that YOU, dear Sister, CAN have what you want. In fact what you are WANTING is what the Great Mother within you wants.

The retreat will be at a private space in Encinitas, CA.


The registration cost is


$399 until February 1

$450 after February 1


That cost includes the program for the retreat, hard boiled eggs, fruit, light snacks, chocolate, and tea throughout the day. We will break in time for you to have dinner on our own and be in nature before the evening session.

Registration Details and Cost:

Collectively it means that it's time to be a stand for everyone. And, we can only do that from personal power. From Initiation. No man can initiate you into your own GREATNESS. You must do it, in tribe, in community, with the sisterhood.


Join the Soul Sister Circle of Extraordinary Women on an initiation adventure into the next evolution of our lives.


A sample sketch of the weekend:


Friday Evening - Ritual Fire in Encinitas (Moonlight Beach)


Saturday - Ashes to Dust: Letting Go of Old Version and Stories


Afternoon - Beach play


Evening - Ritual Divine Mother goddess puja from Brahman Kyrie of the Brahman Kyrie Project


Sunday - Creating our Initiations and Threshold Crossings


Afternoon - Crossing Over


Early Evening - Celebration and Feast


$399 for retreat fee

Group lodging, transportation and some meals not included