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This is your bold and beautiful invitation to transmute your shadows into your Divine Feminine Business Archetype

October 1 - 30

Are you ready to:


Risk being seen (on your terms)?
Share your message?

Be encouraged to share your message by a team of sisters?

Bring positive, valuable content to your corner of the world?

Be uncomfortable?
Enjoy the thrill of it all?


Who is this course for?

✨ You may be in business and making money, and you want to up-level.

✨ You may be new to the whole business thing and want to launch yourself as a coach or a healer.

✨ You may be retired but know that you're not done yet!

✨ You may be raising kids and have something important to say or want to re-ignite your other passions.

✨ You may be a creator or an artist and want to get your work to a bigger audience.

✨ You may want to make money from your gifts.

✨ You may have a message or a stand that the world needs right now.

Week 1 - October 1

In week 1, we'll kick off our 30-day course by getting to know each other, sharing our visions and setting intentions for the results we will cause and create this month. We'll identify our shadows and our Divine Feminine Business Archetypes.

You'll be led through a guided practice to declare your stand -- your big WHY -- and set your focus for this intensive course.

You'll establish the "come from" place that'll be your North Star during this course. 

You'll learn why you don't need a million or even thousands of followers to make an impact.

We'll create working and support teams.

Week 2 - October 8

In week 2, you'll learn the fundamentals of crafting your message. You'll learn how to begin with a blank paper and turn it into content that reflects your authentic message.  You'll work with an important distinction to create the listening of others, which is a fundamental part of being received and of creating impact. You'll be challenged to focus and given direction on how to stay out of overwhelm.

You'll work with your team in the week that follows to come up with content.

Guest Speaker: Strategist and Content Writer, Megan Walrod 

Week 3 - Ocotober 15

We get more technical in Week 3. You'll learn about Instagram, Facebook, and Tik-Tok and select one to create your messaging and impact. You'll learn what creative tools will be helpful in getting your message out. While this is not a deep dive into any one technology platform, you'll walk away with familiarity with them, who they are for, and how to access them. 

You'll select a platform and begin posting your content. We'll work with the concept of "exposure therapy" as a method for overcoming your fears. Exposure therapy says that the more you do something, the less afraid you'll be.

Guest Speaker: Social Media Expert, Musician, Producer, and all around Master of Everything, Dave Kemp (aka DTO)

Week 4 - October 22

In week 4, we'll focus on shadow work as we continue exposure therapy with your daily (or near daily) posts. If you're in the fire and taking action, this work will support you in self-soothing and overcoming your fears. We'll work with the practices you learned in the 5-Day Business Alchemy Challenge so that you begin to cultivate a sense of inner safety and get familiar with your voice and boundaries.

The truth is that people will always judge you. But that's none of your business. Your business is whether you are doing what you're here to do. Mastery and skill take time, so you must extend yourself permission to make mistakes and forgiveness when you do. You must take on the art of inner kindness and commit to loving yourself through the process of shining your message and becoming visible.

Week 5 - October 29

This is our final wrap up day.


What did you learn? How far have you come? What worked? What didn't work?

Now that you have massive momentum going for you and a community of sisters who have your back, what's next? We'll create your next steps.

Grand Finale
Online Shadow Dance - October 30

Fund raising event open to members of this course and to the public to benefit the victims of sex trafficking $25 donation (cost to be paid at the time of the event)

What's included in this course?

  • Five Master Classes with Kenlyn and Guest Speakers

  • Recordings to all the classes

  • 3 Kundalini RISING Yogic Practices to fortify your aura, spine and neutral mind to withstand visibility exposure (Fee for outside participants; Included with this course)

  • Access to the Visibility + Alchemy private online community to be seen, get direct feedback and to connect to other members of the Visibility + Alchemy

  • 30-Days of group support and feedback to shed old layers, blossom into an expanded version of yourself and take inspired action steps toward a vision that brings your purpose to life and serves the world

  • Your copy of the Divine Feminine Manifesto for beaming your message with integrity

All this for only $497

Kenlyn and Team are so excited to have you join this course. Please know that there are no refunds or transfers. We encourage you to go ALL IN as soon as you sign up. Of course fears will come up. Welcome them. This is how we transmute shadow into gold. Let's do this!

RECENT love notes working with kenlyn

"When I started working with Kenlyn, in the beginning, I was this anxious, self critical insecure person who felt unworthy. And working [with her], and all of the practices over this period of time, I now know I am a divine goddess feminist leader." -- Elaine

"I’ve been a lone wolf for a long time.... And I think I’ve healed so much these past six months [in this program], and it’s been thanks to all of you and your support. And thank you for making me feel like I matter. One of the things I’ve been noticing are my old patterns and I’m not letting them dictate what I do." -- Maria

"My original plan was firstly about being visible, and I now feel an inner confidence that I didn’t actually have before. And I am aware that I have a lot of skills, but I basically have been bypassing it through my head and I have always been wanting to find hard evidence. And if I didn’t find hard evidence, then I thought that maybe it’s not really true. But that really has gone. Also, I have to say it’s a pity [the program is over], because I’m finding that I am now getting into my stride and figuring out how it works. But this experience has been truly amazing." -- Evelyn



Kenlyn Kolleen, Esq. is an author, speaker, spiritual business and empowerment coach and host of the Divine Feminine Summit. A former attorney graduating at the top of her class, she left the corporate world to pursue the spiritual laws of higher truth. Her journey took her to India to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama and to complete Kundalini Yoga teacher training.

She has served on the board of Free A Child in Nepal and launched the first anti-trafficking program in Denver, Colorado, serving homeless youth.


She is the author of The Art of Turning 50: A Woman’s Guide to a Radiant and Authentic Life and an upcoming children's book, Forever Blue

Her work includes leading the Divine Feminine Inner Circle -- a global sisterhood dedicated to empowering the voice of the feminine; teaching the Divine Feminine Business Mastery -- a business course for spiritual women launching their coaching business; and teaching a global weekly yoga class online.


Kenlyn and Team are so excited to have you join this course. Please know that there are no refunds or transfers. We encourage you to go ALL IN as soon as you sign up. Of course fears will come up. Welcome them. This is how we transmute shadow into gold. Let's do this!