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Looking to catapult your growth and your income by investing in yourself?

Which of these statements applies to you?

 Are you

  • I need a business model for my idea

  • I need to find my purpose

  • I am reinventing myself

  • I'm going through a lot and want to make the most out of it

  • I want to own my power and not be so afraid of being myself

  • I'm ready to step it up

  • I'm working too hard and efforting too much

Coaching You

to Your Next Level of

Radiance and Purpose

Coaching You

to Your Next Level of

Radiance and Purpose

3 reasons to get coached -- take a listen:

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Myrna James Yoo_edited.jpg

"Working with Kenlyn through her group program, delivered me to my purpose for the next phase of life. It was all inside me, but I couldn’t figure out the threads and was getting lost with all the opportunities, ideas and possibilities that were making me feel overwhelmed. Kenlyn called them “bright shiny objects!” Kenlyn saw through all of that to my core and pulled out of me my most magnificent life purpose. I’m so grateful to have this clarity as my north star so that I can take action on that vision."

Myrna James, Apogeo Spatial Publisher and Editor

"Kenlyn’s honesty to speak truth to those needing direction, to give support to those lacking confidence, and her patience to listen to those simply needing to be heard, is a gift that is of supreme value to this world and sadly not so easy to find. 

I heard someone once say, ‘I’m too old for games, too tired to pretend, and too wise for lies.’ So I’ll just say this...if you have the good fortune as I did to work on life with this wonderful person whom I’m proud to call my friend, I encourage you to do it with purpose and confidence. You won’t regret it."


Rob Taylor, Onosys Co-Founder and CEO

"I was a dollar-per-hour trauma therapist, and sometimes listening to all the stories would weigh me down. I knew I needed to change paths. On the side, I had this love for singing but I didn’t know to make it into a sustainable career. Working with Kenlyn turned this passion into my livelihood, while using my training as a therapist. I’m halfway in and I’ve already doubled my investment. Even more than that, I feel like my soul purpose is deeply aligned with how I spend my time and energy, and that congruency is magic!"


Carolina Grace Lorenzo, Free Up Your Voice Coach
jennifer boyd.jpg

"Working with Kenlyn has been revolutionary. I had worked with other business coaches before but she was completely different. Kenlyn lived the process with me. As a solo-entrepreneur it was amazing to have her support and her holding of the vision for my growth.

While I doubled my investment in the first month of working with her, the quantum leap was that I discovered my niche market--the one that brings me the most joy and lightness. That was huge since before I was feeling pulled in many different directions and burnt out by my work. She also created a revenue model around this niche that honors my genius, lifestyle goals, and energy levels. Now I feel focused, excited and inspired for my business."


Jennifer Boyd, Boyd Wellness Founder
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