40-Day Kundalini Meditation

Calm Mind, Open Heart
Discover the Infinite YOU!
We begin on the New Moon -- October 8

"I did the last 3 meditations for 40 days and they rocked my world....so much so that I kept on meditating in between. My kids even did it with me. I knew nothing about meditation before I started or about Kundalini Yoga. Now I'm hooked. I have a clearer sense of myself and a deeper connection with divine spirit. It ignited an inner joy and peace that has stayed with me. Who knew just 3 minutes could change my life?!"    -- Raffaella G.                                                       

In a season of BIG change,

discover the Infinite YOU

How does it work?

It's simple.

This is a virtual, in-home program that includes a weekly call with this community of meditators.

  • Upon registration, you will receive instructions, including the meditation and music.

  • Meditate everyday on your own for a minimum of 3 minutes. (Yes, it totally works to meditate for 3 minutes a day if you do it consistently).

  • Join the weekly group phone calls to encourage each other and receive support (all calls are recorded in case you have to miss.) Our past meditators said the calls were the most helpful part of the meditation experience.

  • Meditate for 40 days--October 8 to November 16. It takes 40 days to get rid of a negative habit and create a new one.

  • This meditation journey is suitable for beginners who have never meditated before as well as long-time meditators.

  • Join the Facebook Group page for support, inspiration, and accountability.

  • Select an accountability buddy from the Facebook group to keep you on track during the process (we will facilitate this).


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What results can I expect?

Who YOU really are is Infinite.

Can you feel that?

Most of us don't often touch into our Infinity. We get caught up in Life.


We forget.


When we forget, we feel afraid.


In response to the fear, we try to figure it out.  We strategize. We get in our heads. We over-think.


The consequence is that we are UNHAPPY.


We can feel small and powerless, and our heart closes. We try to protect ourselves from the outside world, when in reality, it's our inside world that needs to change.

We can unwind our mental spiraling. We can conquer our fear. We can find clarity and truth. We can feel open again. We can BE open again. We can trust life. We can be happy.



By remembering and connecting to our Infinity.


Kundalini Yoga is the art of experiencing the Infinite in the Finite.

Join us on this Meditation Journey to Calm YOUR Mind, Open YOUR Heart, and Discover YOUR Infinity.

Words from Yogi Bhajan

About Prayer and the Unknown

"The concept of prayer is to tap your own unknown for your known. When the known and unknown are united in the oneness of the self, God is alive. When the known and unknown are separated in any concept, God is dormant. Not dead. Not gone. Is that clear? Therefore, the power of prayer has to be continuous. The moment you become a prayerful person, the fear of the unknown is gone and love of the unknown awakens.

"Everything about you will be taken care of. Simple. And once you start your day with something good and nice like that, then you will go on under that rhythm for the whole day. Without prayer you are weak. You are not complete. We feel empty no matter how many possessions we have if we do not fully possess our self. That emptiness comes to us because we have not got the inflow of the unknown into the known of us. It is that combination we are seeking as humans. It is that combination that makes us failures or makes us successful." 

                                                                                                   --Yogi Bhajan, Founder of Kundalini Yoga in the West


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