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Hello, welcome dear one

I am so grateful you are here. Perhaps you're searching for ways to respond to that deep inner calling to discover who you are, what you want to do, and how you can show up in this one unique lifetime as YOU to have the impact you know you are destined to have.


I hear you and am a BIG stand for that happening for you.


Every age has a theme, and the one we are in right now is the Great Turning or the Great Change. Many predicted that the Age of Aquarius (which we are now in) will bring about a massive shift in consciousness through the fall of patriarchal structures.


Author Joanna Macy said the Great Turning is the "essential adventure" of our time, one that witnesses "the transition from a doomed economy of industrial growth to a life-sustaining society committed to the recovery of our world." This is what is at stake.


Here's the good news: It's no accident that you were born as you, at the age you are now, during this pivotal time of transition and transformation on the Planet, and that you are reading these words right now.

 Breathe that in: It's No Accident. 

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 There's no more hiding out!

It's time to get naked. Naked with the truth. There's no hiding out.

We don't get to phone it in. We are called to contribute from our Zone of Greatness. Of course, that is edgy. Greatness comes at a price--like comfort and predictability. Like being seen. Like being transparent. Like being real. 

It's the price of admission for future generations.


So, here I am. And, here you are. We are ready. We are Evolving Sisters.

Love and blessings,


Founder and Queen

Tribes of sisterhoods are assembling in all corners of the world to do the great work we have come here to do.


Many of us fear we are not ready or we are not enough. That we have more to go before we can contribute. None of that is true.


The truth is that life has prepared you for THIS exact moment. Chances are, getting to this moment was no picnic. If you're like me, you've had a lot of circumstances and emotional and mind set baggage to work through--dark nights of the soul. Maybe even few major health crashes in there, too. 


May all Beings

Benefit From the Merits

of Our efforts 

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