Want more Self Love in Your Life?

Take This Self Love Inventory:

Do you have way too much negative self talk?

Do you feel ready to go to the next level of your evolution and expansion except that you doubt whether you're good enough or have the right to do it?

Have you caught yourself wondering: Who am I to be this big? How can I take up this much space? What if I don't do it right? What if I fail?

Is your self worth in the toilet, keeping you from your prosperity?

Would you like a prosperity upgrade in the form of money, opportunity, or romance?

Are your intimate relationships reflecting back to you your critical self?

If you have answered YES to ANY of these, it's time to give yourself some lovin'. 

Give yourself the gift of a consistent 40-day meditation practice with other people who are also committed to upleveling their self love and healing any wounds to love.

Love yourself all the way back to your true Wholeness through a 40-day practice from the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

"I did the last 2 meditations for 40 days and they rocked my world....so much so that I kept on meditating. My kids even did it with me. I knew nothing about meditation before I started or about Kundalini Yoga. Now I'm hooked. I have a clearer sense of myself and a deeper connection with divine spirit. It ignited an inner joy and peace that has stayed with me. Who knew just 3 minutes could change your life?!"                       

                                                                                    -- Raffaella

Benefits to Doing this Meditation:

Self love is connected to pretty much everything. Nobody gets a hall pass. Even if you’re a millionaire. (Happen to know any negative or unhappy wealthy people?)
The more you accept yourself, the more you will experience things money can't buy:

  • greater connection with Source

  • more compassion for yourself

  • more compassion for others

  • more tolerance and allowance and less anger and frustration

  • an inner kindness that will reflect back to you in beautiful ways, such as happiness, friendships, love, and opportunities

  • you’ll need less because you will be more.


And, it might also bring you money! You might even lose weight, get in shape, call in your romantic partner, or get along with your family members.

What you put your attention on grows.
Let’s grow ourselves some SELF-LOVE.

How the 40-Day Meditation Works:

It's easy!

You meditate for a minimum of 3-11 minutes every day for 40 days. You can meditate at home, in your car, at work on a break, or anywhere. I will provide you with the meditation as soon as you sign up, and you will do the same meditation every day. I will also provide you with suggestions for music to go with your meditation during the 40 days.

To support you in this process, you will be given access to a private Facebook group page where we can share our breakthroughs and gratitudes. You will also be included in a weekly call to support your progress during this meditation (all calls are recorded). 

Join us from anywhere in the world. 


Get your children, family and friends to join you in experiencing the vibration of LOVE. Two or more adults qualify in a discount. See the link below.

Love the One You're With - That's YOU! Sign up today. The work starts working when you say YES.


Share the Love  - Bring another person and get the friends and family discount of $99 each. (2 people at $99 each). Send the other person's name and email if you pay together.


Please note: There are no refunds, but you can give your seat to another person before the first call.