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When we are caught up in the craziness of the every day, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and scattered.


Often we begin looking to things outside ourselves to make us feel better, which can lead to over-doing so many things or to engaging in addictive behaviors.


Not only that, we judge ourselves for it, and compare our insides to someone else's outsides. It's a vicious cycle. 

What is the antidote?

Go inside and experience Divine Ecstasy

Be SUPPORTED by a community of like-minded people doing the same

Join me and others on this sacred 40-Day Meditation journey from the Kundalini Yoga tradition to experience DIVINE ECSTASY. 

Here's how it works:

  • As soon as you sign up below, you'll receive an email with the meditation instructions and dates for our calls

  • Begin the meditation on your own on May 2 for a minimum of 3 minutes a day, every day. 

  • Every week we will have a group check-in call for 30 minutes to support you in staying the course and. All calls are recorded in case you have to miss a call.

  • The program runs for 40 days (because in Kundalini Yoga it takes 40 days of consistent activity to break a pattern), beginning on May 2 and ending on June 10


"These 40-Day Meditations are epic. I had a huge breakthrough with my Dad during the last one. You never know what magic will happen."

- Carolina Grace 

"It was a good investment. I even made my money back"

- Julie

"I did the last 4 meditations for 40 days and they rocked my world....so much so that I kept on meditating in between. My kids even did the first one with me. I knew nothing about meditation before I started or about Kundalini Yoga. Now I'm hooked. I have a clearer sense of myself and a deeper connection with divine spirit. It ignited an inner joy and peace that has stayed with me. Who knew just 3 minutes could change my life?!"   

- Raffaella                                                    

Program Cost:


Your paypal statement will come from Evolving Sisters. Please know, there are no refunds, but you can transfer your seat to another person before May 2.